Samsung CES Press Conference: 2015 – 2017

For the past three years, Samsung and McKinney have trusted SenovvA to deliver their high-profile press conference and product launch showcase at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The event held on January 4, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Watch Teaser

SenovvA’s live entertainment producing experience was at full throttle for this year’s event. SenovvA’s team coordinated with multiple subcontractors to construct custom-fabricated scenic elements along with five different types of automation, which included nine trucks of gear and 100 crew-members. SenovvA was able to fulfill extremely high client expectations and produce a flawless event that showcased the featured products while highlighting the executives launch presentations.

SenovvA’s Marcus Irwin said, “We’re proud of our previous work on Samsung’s CES Press Conferences, and we delivered once again this year. The new Samsung products looked great and the show went extremely well because we have expertise in all the diverse elements that comprised this event.” These elements consisted of meeting traditional live entertainment technical requirements including an automated lighting rig, a complex sound system, and multiple live cameras. In addition, SenovvA met the challenges of working in an environment such as a Las Vegas convention venue where the effective coordination of sharing loading dock space and local resources with other concurrent events is the difference between success and failure

SenovvA’s ongoing expertise in live entertainment provided that Samsung’s Press Conference incorporated a live webcast viewed by over 700,000 people, highlighting five top executives, while unveiling a wide range of new innovations in a 45-minute no holds barred show. This was complete with moving scenery, integrated video, and precision theatrical timing.

“We’re frequently called on for our technical expertise,” said SenovvA’s Vice President Arianna Knapp. “Samsung needed our leadership and management skills at the same time. We collaborated with McKinney and then coordinated the plan with our trusted technical partners to accomplish the required objectives while managing the big picture. This event demanded the commitment and consistency we continually provide to get the job done right.”

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