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SL Roadster Press Event

In February 2016, SenovvA partnered with Oliver Schrott Kommunikation GmbH, to transform the parking garage at Pelican Hill Resort into a unique user experience for the new 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster International Press Event. This unconventional space transformation, designed by OSK architect Fabian Roeder, took four days to install and was built by Chicago-based exhibit company, 3D Exhibits. SenovvA worked together with the builders to integrate audio, video, projection and lighting seamlessly within the newly designed space. Watch Video

Mercedes-Benz celebrates 2016 as the year of the dream cars, with the latest generation of the brand icon, the SL. Over 175 journalists from around the world were flown to Southern California for this event to experience the new SL. Each morning journalists were directed to the parking garage in front of the resort. To their surprise, this was no ordinary parking garage; on the contrary it was an actual drive-in cinema for a drive-out media briefing, complete with twelve projection screens & sound system for each SL. Giving each journalist his/her own personalized drive-in movie theater experience!

“Our team embraced the challenge of transforming this non-traditional space into a drive-in movie theater experience,” said SenovvA Producer, Vince Pecchi, “We thrive to collaborate on projects with concepts that think outside of the box like this.”

Once inside the parking garage, a short program briefing was presented to the group of journalists. Then unexpectedly, twelve Mercedes-Benz SL Roadsters were revealed from behind a translucent traveler curtain. Each of the journalists took a seat behind the wheel of one of the twelve convertible SL’s. Shortly thereafter, twelve Da-Lite 6.5’ x 11.5’ electric projection screens dropped down (in sync) in front of the “drivers” to display briefing videos of the new SL features and the days drive route. SenovvA, and partner Icarus Rigging, worked diligently to install the sixteen rig points in the garage ceiling in order to support the eight 15’ sticks of truss that held the twelve screens, lighting, and sound elements. In addition, twelve inverted U-shaped pipe structures were built behind the set walls to support twelve Panasonic 10K projectors and LED lighting. At the conclusions of the video briefing, the twelve electric screens automatically retracted back-up, lighting was restored, and the journalists were directed out of the garage to begin their test-drive, with their final destination being the Hotel del Coronado.

The Bungalow Lawn at Pelican Hill Resort served as the “welcome speech” location for the journalists’. Two Mercedes-Benz SL Roadsters were showcased on a muti-level platform built by 3D Exhibits and illuminated by SenovvA. Custom light fixture housings were fabricated to protect the LED Ellipsoidal’s from the moisture elements along the California coast.

SenovvA collaborated with PowerTrip Rentals to provide power and distribution to the technical workshop tent (114’ x 65’), constructed in the back parking lot of the Hotel del Coronado. The workshop required both 50Hz and 60Hz generators to energize the four European car lifts, the German technicians tools, as well as high-bay LED lighting fixtures that illuminated the interior tent. The workshop space was utilized for servicing and detailing the fleet of SL Roadsters for the event.

SenovvA broke the mold once again, delivering a flawless event experience to its clientele, providing translated technology, expertise and unwavering collaboration.

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