Press Tour Winter 2015


I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you from Viacom. Everyone was so pleased with how the panels turned out and we absolutely could not have done this without you. Between 7 channels, 10 panels, a fiber feed from across the globe, and more panelists to count, you and the amazing team you set up made it happen flawlessly. Please send an amazing thank you to Tim for the fiber feed, Robyn for Lighting and just being an amazing, welcoming face, Pat on prompter, Wayne at audio, the awesome video engineer who ingested a new tape 30 minutes prior to our show and of course, the wonderful Mike Ross who can simply do no wrong.

This team makes coming back to TCA, tour after tour, so easy and delightful and I am always comforted knowing they can handle whatever gets thrown their way. With you as their leader, I know, all is well.

Thank you again for everything, Dave!

Mallery Mangan
Production Manager, Special Events