Our Software and User Interface (UX) Services develop unique and large-scale solutions for topics as varied as sign asset management, large scale presentations simultaneously displaying content across multiple screens, and interactive simulations involving dozens of actors in historical narratives. To achieve this, we keep our clients’ goals in mind, providing ongoing feedback and data, allowing them to achieve their objectives. Our focus is turning a clients’ visions into custom, interactive, and efficient systems.

Notable Projects

  • Situation Room Experience at the Reagan Presidential Library
    Simi Valley, California

    • SenovvA developed and installed an award-winning interactive, educational simulation for the Reagan Presidential Library. Students interact with digital content on tablets, making decisions that affect the story and screens within their environment.
    • Student Tablets: Students use tablets to read information about their assigned character. Throughout the simulation they receive notifications and decision prompts that are sent back to the game server. These decisions affect the overall play and content displayed on video screens in each of the simulation rooms.
    • Administrator Tablets: The tablet interface allows administrators to control the audio and video throughout the environment. This includes turning the system on and off, playing content such as looped preview videos, starting and stopping simulations, and switching monitor inputs to allow mirroring from other devices like AppleTV.
  • YouTube Media Wall
    San Bruno, California

    • SenovvA created a custom application designed to allow visitors to control the display mosaic with playlists curated in the YouTube API in their lobby in San Bruno.
    • Public Interface: Visitors to the lobby are presented with a welcome message inviting them to interact with the display. The user taps and is presented with a graphic list of curated playlists. When the user selects a playlist, all 80 phones, tablets, and monitors in the mosaic display start playing videos from that playlist.
    • Admin Interface: The curated playlists on the public display are all generated by the YouTube API. Administrators can access a password-protected area on the kiosk where they can takeover the screen and display static images or on-the-fly videos.