Knowledge is a powerful tool for growing businesses. Our affiliate INVENT is ready to support you with specialized training for your employees and customers, while rapidly developing your infrastructure for live and online learning experiences.

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Plot A Course

Successful training programs are goal-oriented. We work with your leaders to establish the outcomes of each module, and ensure that each objective is supported. As organizations grow larger, momentum is difficult to change. Let us help you with a road-map now, so that everyone moves in the proper direction. You’ll achieve your education goals without wasted effort.

Save Time

Your experts are very busy, and may not have the time to oversee an education program in addition to their normal duties. When course development becomes an “add-on responsibility” your program may stall for weeks or months at a time. Allow INVENT to drive the process, and gain a training department instantly. We collect the knowledge from your experts, build your training on-schedule, and keep everyone doing what they do best.

Deliver Content

Whether you need slides and an agenda for classroom training, interactive online lessons, or a blend of styles and materials, INVENT has you covered. We produce outlines, animations, scripts, rubrics, testing materials, and can publish in SCORM, Tin-Can/xAPI, and whichever legacy formats you prefer. The best part? You can own your materials. Instead of general-purpose courses that disappear when your subscription lapses, receive custom content that are yours to keep forever.

Maintain Your System

When you use INVENT’s fully-integrated solutions, we handle maintenance and administration of your training systems. Ready to launch an online course? We’ll handle it. Need to schedule a live class? Just tell us the date. Our team will manage your education infrastructure, freeing you to concentrate on your core business. You’ll have access to a powerful learning management system without the additional overhead costs of maintenance.