Advanced Development Projects (ADP)

Who is the SenovvA Advanced Development Projects Group?

The SenovvA Advanced Project Development Group (ADP) was created to be both SenovvA's research and development group, as well as the special team who respond to the most demanding and "special" projects we encounter. SenovvA ADP proudly hails the influence and motives of special development groups and Skunkworks ™ groups before them, while adopting and adapting their workflows and best practices. These are the projects that develop new service and product lines for SenovvA's innovative production and creative services, as well as the place we work on the projects we can't reveal or discuss in open marketing and media channels. To visit the SenovvA ADP website is to be given special "guest access" to the behind the scenes workflows and methods of SenovvA's best and brightest technical and creative talent. What is represented there is a large cross-section of the behind-the-scenes workflow, products, and deliverables that SenovvA’s craftspeople develop every day.

What does a “SenovvA Skunk” look like?

To earn their “skunk stripes” the ADP team members must be masters of several different technical, creative, and allied tradecraft skill sets, and must be able to work and function in many different sectors from entertainment, to creative content, media systems, to architectural and building disciplines. They must be technical designers, expert technical operators, project managers, content creators, and producers.  They must successfully complete a number of live real-world projects where they fulfill ALL those roles in a team culture environment. Lastly, they have to commit to maintaining several skill sets at a master level at all times, and to create, train, and drill on new techniques and procedures at all times. They aren’t just the best technical specialists, these are multidisciplinary experts, and these are people who have taken their skills and experience to the next level across multiple disciplines and industries.

Where would you find a “SenovvA Skunk?”

SenovvA ADP team members are most often on contract assignment to, and within, projects by some of the most prominent design agencies, architectural firms, property development groups, and experiential entertainment companies. They provide consultation, design engineering, project management, and training to partner organizations, often while embedded directly with those partners. They are often tasked to provide "red team" services for vetting and auditing other parties design and engineering projects.  You will also find them behind training and development of up and coming production industry staff, as well as involved in school-age technology training, education simulation design, and futurist organizations.

Public Rollouts

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