SenovvA Offers

Founded in 2005, SenovvA is a design and management group offering services to the entertainment, special event, architectural and building, and media services industries. We focus on live production design & management, specialty media systems design and installation, media facility management, and specialty media content design and management.

Built on the vast experience, and personal relationships of the most experienced producers, technical directors, designers and technical specialists; SenovvA focuses on solution driven services throughout the world.  Hundreds of years of combined high-end design and production experience, combined with a design studio approach and culture, means SenovvA can provide the most agile value-driven response in a fast paced media driven economy.

SenovvA | As Individuals…

We are the “names” people ask for as the “go-to / must have” people whose individual reputations, creative and technical abilities, and experience around the globe, demand the trust and respect of our clientele, and our industry, equally.

SenovvA | As a Team…

We are creative and technical producers, production designers and directors, master technicians and engineers, accomplished storytellers and content artists: working with, not for, our partners and clients, across multiple disciplines, to create solution driven production and media design services.