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The Institute of Venue and Entertainment Technology is dedicated to the improvement of our industry through carefully constructed training. We believe that effective education enhances 


the careers of working professionals, makes technology more useful, and inspires confidence in one’s ability to serve the needs of clients and employers alike.

We strive to build courses that are focused and engaging. We collaborate with experts to bridge gaps in knowledge through thoughtful lessons delivered in memorable ways.


INVENT brings training full-circle with an innovative organization strategy called circlets. To find out more about our circlet training methodologies click here.



We’re more than just a content provider. The success of an education project depends greatly on its context within your organization. It must address a legitimate need, complement existing knowledge, and remain consistent with your cultural values in order to be effective. INVENT can help you maximize the return on your investment in education, beginning with a long-term plan, (or “roadmap”) to move your organization directly towards goals which you establish at the outset. Learning is a journey with a defined destination.  We provide a map, helping learners navigate their road to new knowledge and improved skill sets.