Walt De Jong

Technical Producer | 3D Projection Engineer

Walt brings over 27 years of multimedia staging, theatrical, and digital cinema experience to SenovvA.

Walt’s career began at Plummer Auditorium in the Orange County area and by the age of 21 he attained the job of Technical Director. While working at Plummer Auditorium, he worked as a freelance Lighting Designer to Los Angeles and Orange County theater/ dance groups. Since 1999, Walt has worked as a Technical Director at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre, as Director of Production & Building Operations at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, and as an independent Technical Director for DreamWorks SKG.

Walt has worked as Technical Director at the Cannes Film Festival, the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay, and numerous domestic and international premieres, screenings, and special projects for major studios, including DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures and Disney. He has also overseen general sessions and keynote presentations for Intel & Microsoft and Pfizer/Wyeth Pharmaceutical. Walt’s experience includes producing screenings in unusual venues, such as a 3,000-year-old Greek amphitheater, as well as a 5,000-seat concert venue in Tokyo, Japan.

Walt specializes in 3D digital cinema projection engineering using RealD, Dolby 3D, and XpanD systems. He has extensive expertise designing high profile events using three-dimensional CAD modeling.