Tanny van Ligten


Tanny brings more than 30 years of combined creative and technical experience from throughout the United States as well as internationally. Tanny is a natural collaborator who thrives on bringing people’s creative inspirations to life. Tanny started his career at the academic level in architecture but quickly discovered his passion for tele-production and live event staging. In addition to countless engagements as Technical Director, Tanny has been Video Director for various musical groups, promotional and music videos, educational programming, and corporate entities. His study of architecture has served him well, alternately in the role of second stage designer for corporate theater, educational classes, and live entertainment venues.

Tanny is trusted by clients ranging from Big Pharma to Fiduciaries; Automotive to Entertainment; as well as Educational to Special Live Events. His clients have included: General Motors, Disney Imagineering, Honda Motors, Philip Morris, Consumer Technology Association, Cisco, Miller/Coors, Harrah’s Entertainment, Time Inc, L’Oreal, Washington Mutual, FOX , CW, AIPAC, ALIS, BioGen, and the Superbowl.

Tanny holds a Bachelors Degree in Telecommunications from San Diego State University, as well as an Associates Degree in Television Production from Palomar College. When he’s not coordinating or directing or framing a client’s vision and message through the video lens, you’ll find him traveling the world, framing the human experience through the lens of a still camera.