Robert Ingram

Project Manager

In executing creative vision in the dense, competitive environment that is New York, Rob is unflinching. The embodiment of SenovvA’s commitment to results orientation, Rob has delivered timely, customized, creative solutions relentlessly and with passion, as project manager for years. His calm under pressure is unquestionable; Rob is a 20-year veteran volunteer Fire and EMS service. He brings the efficiency of a first responder mentality to every project.

Educated in Theatrical Design and Production, Rob draws upon his skills as video systems engineer, production electrician, audio engineer, and production manager to fit squarely within SenovvA’s expert cross-disciplinarian company culture. He supplements production skills with pre-production and creative capabilities such as lighting and sound design and CAD drafting and rendering skills.

Over the years, Rob has been involved in prominent productions such as the Official NYC Memorial Ceremony on the 10th and 11th Anniversaries of 9/11, several Mercedes Benz press events, President Obama’s Neighborhood Inaugural Ball, The Washington National Opera, The Washington National Ballet, and many more prestigious occasions.