Robert Balmet

Chief Operating Officer

Bringing over two decades of special event experience to SenovvA, Robert has worked in Operations, Production Supervision, as well as Project Management. His core competencies lie in the areas of theatrical, industrial, and large (and) small-scale special events.

Working as the Operations Manager for Masterpiece Productions he worked in many countries including England, France, Monaco, Germany and Mexico, with an impressive client list including, but not limited to, Taco Bell, Coca-Cola and 20th Century Fox.

Five years prior to starting SenovvA, Robert worked freelance in the United States as well as internationally. His experience includes: set and prop construction, audio and video supervision, tour management as well as overall event management. With experiences including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the 2002 Salt Lake City and 2004 Athens Olympics, he has worked on events of the largest scale, managing large crews and budgets under extreme deadlines.