Peter Waxdal

Director | Systems Group

Peter has been passionately engaged in his work for 20 years with a single objective: to create the container that artists will fill with their vision. Peter is not a lighting designer. He is not an actor or a dancer. He is a creator of unique entertainment venues.

Peter started his career in entertainment as a stagehand in theater. Since that genesis, he’s been an audio operator, a stage manager and a production manager for regional and Off-Broadway live performances. For the last decade he’s built entertainment lighting and control systems for theaters, TV stations, houses of worship and corporate facilities, from coast to coast.

Peter brings performance and construction experience to SenovvA Systems Design Group. Looking ahead to a project’s requirements, not tomorrow or next week but next month helps to prevent delays and or complications. Peter is primed, organized and enthusiastic with any project he’s involved with.

Peter has managed build outs of entertainment facilities spanning the globe in locations ranging from North America to Baghdad.