Fred Jacobo

Project Manager

Fred is a take-charge guy who believes the job is not done until the expectations of the client are met and exceeded.

As Project Manager for SenovvA, Fred not only manages the daily operation of multiple ongoing projects, but he also anticipates potential problems, effectively communicates with the necessary teams and facilitates the timely (and often cost-saving) resolution. His proactive nature and strong leadership gives his clients full confidence that SenovvA will complete their project on time and always with their best interest.

Fred first started his professional career straight out of high school when he volunteered for service with the US. Marine Corps. Little did he know that this decision would be the foundation for the rest of his life, giving him the tools to handle any situation. Fred later earned a degree in Architecture, but it was through his side job as a residential audio/video installer, that he used to support his way through college, where he found his true passion for creating user experiences. Fred is proud when he sees his clients enjoying the innovative interactive technology that his team has created for them.

Fred brings to SenovvA more than 15 years of experience working with high profile residential and commercial clients like TransPak, Apple, Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Carlos Santana’s Maria Maria’s Restaurants, Chris Webbers Center Court and most recently, YouTube’s Brand Lab.