Frank McMinn


Frank McMinn’s loyalty to his clients is evident in every facet of his production philosophy. In return, his clients rely on him to elevate their productions from merely good to great.

During Frank’s illustrious 35-year career, he has worked with such clients as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the Televised Academy Awards (21 years), the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Televised Emmys (15 years) and NBC (18 years). And this is merely a sampling.

Starting at AVW/Telav in the Dallas/Houston area, and by the age of only 24, Frank was head of their Sales Department. Frank then went on to AVHQ, where he started the Entertainment Department, and finished his tenure at AVHQ as Director of Sales. In the years just prior to SenovvA, Frank worked for Creative Technology as General Manager of the Los Angeles office. At Creative Technology, he managed a staff of 24 employees while creating their successful Entertainment Division. He left CT as Vice President of Entertainment.