Andy Kulhavy

Media Server Technician

Andy brings ten years of professional experience in theatrical and event production to the SenovvA team. After graduating from Salem State University with a BFA in Technical Theater, Andy worked as a Theatrical Audio Engineer, which encompassed three years as Sound Supervisor at North Shore Music Theatre.

Since joining SenovvA, Andy continues to work for a diverse list of clients. Some of his projects have included building media servers for Sideshow on Broadway, supervising an LED installation at Broadway Bares, and managed communication systems for Samsung at CES.

Andy’s wide variety of skill sets include media server programming, audio production, LED, drafting/3D modeling, and networking, all of which allow him to adapt to an ever-changing project requirements. When he’s not too busy, Andy likes to experiment with electronic design and embedded programming.

Andy believes in always being prepared and never leaves home without a flashlight