T²EC | Translated Technology, Expertise & Collaboration™

What is: “T²EC | Translated Technology, Expertise & Collaboration”

We are often asked, “What is it you really do?” Or more poignantly, “why can you do that normal staging professionals, design consultants and integrators cannot”?

We offer the simple term “technology translation” to try and encapsulate a culture of “standing in the middle of the conversation” on a given project. What that means that is that we are adept at speaking multiple trades’ languages, and have unique ability to navigate and translate one trades lexicon, to another. Multilingual in the tradecraft of architects, builders, tradesmen, brand management, software and media content production, and even risk management/legal project concerns. Often, this is a simple as explaining to a stakeholder in layman’s terms, what any given technical trade is really talking about, or is challenged with. Other times it’s an ongoing project management role of coordinating disparate trades and lexicons for the good of the project.


It’s not unusual, to see one of our staff acting on the stakeholder’s behalf as mediator, or even negotiator between other parties for the expedience, and value proposition of a given project. This is really as simple as our years of production experience in the role of technical or executive producer. We simply know how to connect the dots between disparate parties to get the job done.