MEDIA SYSTEMS | Design Build & Project Management

MEDIA SYSTEMS | Design & Integration

Our live production and technical experience and leadership has led to a unique solution-focused approach to systems design and integration for installation. Leading architects, technology giants and entertainment groups choose SenovvA to bring their facility visions to life.

Design Build Services

SystemsFPO01We are not a traditional “design consultant,” repackaging known quantities in previous system specs, meant to be fulfilled by someone else (usually the lowest bidder) from a 400 page design spec of equipment we’ve never touched, or were chosen from our line cards. We do full systems design, specific to each project, working from proven subsystems, as well as taking into account newer, more cost-effective, and feature-rich products and techniques.

Likewise, we are not a conventional “AV integrator,” working from someone else’s design spec, selling from our limited dealerships and line cards.. We source and install what’s proper to the project, appropriate to the budget, meets our specification for fulfillment, as well as supporting into the future.

Often we are the logical extension of a client’s or partners design team, focusing on technical and project management priorities aside from their core competencies, or capacity.

SystemsFPO02All Major Design Platforms

Living between the architectural, production, and fabrication worlds we’ve had to learn and adapt to being proficient in all their tools. To that end we are fluent in Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit, Vectorworks, SolidWorks, SketchUp, Lumion, Maya and 3DS Max as well as translation and delivery of design assets in many other major 3-D design and rendering systems.

We design media systems, support and structural fabrication concepts, media content, and conceptual design. We adapt and communicate with clients in partners in their chosen platforms and deliverables. We don’t just speak our own technology and technique; we became adept at others disciplines.

Architectural & BIM procedures

SystemsFPO03Our systems group staff is just as fluent and cross-trained in all major architectural procedures, and building information modeling techniques.

Automation & Remote Servicing

Our system’s design philosophy always takes into account the most flexible and expandable automation and remote servicing technologies and abilities. We consider this to be the value added part of value engineering; it isn’t just a nice feature, it’s meant to cut down on support and maintenance costs, while decreasing response time and downtime.

Service Contracts, Facility Management/Staffing, & Training

We certainly understand the value engineering premise of skipping service contracts. But we assert they are key to maintain value of systems over time. Unplanned service calls can get very expensive, and very frustrating. Often they are as simple as being a “good owner” properly trained in handling their media systems going forward.  Especially in the case of custom designed installations; conventional warranties and periodic preventative maintenance are not enough.

Often a client does not have someone to update digital content or provide maintenance services within their organization. Many times turnover means new caretakers know nothing of a custom system, and have no one to train them what to do.  This ends in a perceived bad investment in the system, and in the staff to run it.

That’s why we will always ask, and sometimes even strongly suggest the inclusion of an appropriate CSA or service plan, as well as a turnkey training program as a vital part of the system.  In some cases, we will actually train and provide employee support to remain at facility until the owner has sufficiently taken over the upkeep of a system. We even recruit and train temporary labor that can be renewed on contract, or assimilated into the client’s staff at a later date.

SystemsFPO04Capacity/Expansion Planning

Our design philosophy always takes into account future capacity and expansion planning. Even when value engineering removes major features from a given systems design, we pursue leaving an upgrade/expansion path that doesn’t back the system into a cul-de-sac of obscurity and obsolescence.

Project Management

Just as often as being retained for design build services, we are engaged in client side project management assignments. We are often asked, and happy to oblige, providing ancillary project management services to general contractors, stakeholders, and project leads specific to the areas of design and technology installation. This often sees us manage, or even granted subcontract control over what traditionally might seem like our competition. Like the production world, it’s never so adversarial, or competitive. The services we offer for project management are because we have a proven track record in meeting deadlines, collaborating with Allied trades, and either leading, or supplanting other providers who need the additional capacity, or insight we can provide.  These services are often in addition, or completely separate from our baseline design build services, and it’s not unusual to see two or more sin of entities at a given collaborative table. One may be directly supporting the stakeholder, or assigned to one trade, while another is responsible for the technology design build we were separately hired for.

What is: “T²C | Technology Translation & Collaboration”

We are often asked, “What is it you really do?” Or more poignantly, “why can you do that normal consultants and integrators cannot”?

We offer the simple term “technology translation” to try and encapsulate a culture of “standing in the middle of the conversation” on a given project. What that means that is that we are adept at speaking multiple trades’ languages, and have unique ability to navigate and translate one trades lexicon, to another. Multilingual in the tradecraft of architects, builders, tradesmen, brand management, software and media content production, and even risk management/legal project concerns.  Often, this is a simple as explaining to a stakeholder in layman’s terms, what any given technical trade is really talking about, or is challenged with. Other times it’s an ongoing project management role of coordinating disparate trades and lexicons for the good of the project. It’s not unusual, to see one of our staff acting on the stakeholder’s behalf as mediator, or even negotiator between other parties for the expedience, and value proposition of a given project.  This is really as simple as our years of production experience in the role of technical or executive producer. We simply know how to connect the dots between disparate parties to get the job done.


Some of the specific clients we loyally act as design build, project manager, and often stakeholder or project/mission advocate; (Note; A lot of our work for these clients and partners are not something we can publish publicly, and we take our agreements quite seriously. We can discuss them  “within reason” with you directly. If you are interested in seeing some of our best work and portfolio, contact SenovvA and ask to be taken on a tour of our private Advanced Development Projects website, or arrange a meeting)





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