SenovvA Offers;

Founded in 2005, SenovvA is a design and management group offering services to the entertainment, special event, architectural and building, and media services industries. We focus on live production design & management, specialty media systems design and installation, media facility management, and specialty media content design and management.

Built on the vast experience, and personal relationships of the most experienced producers, technical directors, designers and technical specialists; SenovvA focuses on solution driven services throughout the world.  Hundreds of years of combined high-end design and production experience, combined with a design studio approach and culture, means SenovvA can provide the most agile value-driven response in a fast paced media driven economy.

SenovvA | As individuals…

We are the “names” people ask for as the “go-to / must have” people whose individual reputations, creative and technical abilities, and experience around the globe, demand the trust and respect of our clientele, and our industry, equally.

SenovvA | As a Team…

We are creative and technical producers, production designers and directors, master technicians and engineers, accomplished storytellers and content artists: working with, not for, our partners and clients, across multiple disciplines, to create solution driven production and media design services.

Areas of Expertise:


Production | Broadcast & Film

SenovvA’s history of technical and visual solutions for the broadcast industry is without rival. From 20+ years of Oscars broadcasts and major awards shows, set visuals and projection systems for talk and infotainment productions, to technical staging solutions for major networks and 3D screen services. SenovvA supports the industry with production design, management, front line technical staffing and technical systems installation.

Production | Corporate & Industrial Events

SenovvA has a long history of corporate and industrial event production design and management. SenovvA’s technical directors and producers are routinely retained by major clientele and agencies in varying sectors like the pharmaceutical, automobile and defense industries. The services we provide our partners and clientele range from production design, technical staffing, high-end equipment management, and multimedia content design and management services.

Production | Theater & Performing Arts

SenovvA has built a reputation for production management technical innovation in the live theater and entertainment world. Building on a reputation of visual and content technology innovation, combined with vast bottom-line production management skills; SenovvA brings a unique blend of no-nonsense private sector style production management with a trend setting, content driven, creative leadership element to the performing arts. For SenovvA, the performing arts are our “passion venue” where all of our other skills, craft, and experience drive the creative vision of artists and performers from the concert stage to regional theater, to smash Broadway musicals.


Media Systems | Design Build & Project Management

SenovvA’s live production technical experience and leadership has led to a unique solution–focused approach to systems design and integration for installation. Our services are employed in leading architects, technology giants, and entertainment groups to bring their facility visions to life. SenovvA’s system engineers, programmers, content designers and installers are the “quiet success story” in the retail, museum, nightclub, traveling exposition, and architectural media systems. From video walls, projection systems and content servers, and projection installations, to unique audio and control systems, SenovvA brings our vast technical and creative experience to support our partners in the architectural and facility management industries.


Media Content | Design & Management

At the heart of a creative vision is a design. The design begets content. The content communicates the vision. The vision becomes the production. SenovvA’s accomplished content designers and managers range from technical draftsman to presentation and production media creators, to 3D architectural visual designers and pre-visualization specialists. SenovvA’s content design and management services are threaded throughout all of our operations from developing architectural and production CAD design, technical illustrations, presentation and video media, production pre-visualizations, and custom video server content and programming for entertainment, corporate industrial and architectural media.

SenovvA Advanced Development Projects (ADP)

The Advanced Development Projects group was created to be both SenovvA’s research and development group, as well as the special team who respond to the most demanding and “special” projects we encounter. These are the projects that develop new service and product lines for SenovvA’s innovative production and creative services, as well as the place we work on the projects we can’t reveal or discuss in open marketing and media channels. To visit this site is to be given special “guest access” to the behind the scenes workflows and methods of SenovvA’s best and brightest technical and creative talent. What is represented here is a large cross-section of the behind-the-scenes workflow, products, and deliverables that SenovvA’s craftspeople develop every day.