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Vista Lounge | Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Vista Lounge | Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV – Caesar’s Palace recently upgraded several of its lounges and bars including what is now the new Vista Lounge, a unique immersion experience featuring the latest in video technology along with a sophisticated Martin Audio sound system.

SenovvA of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Toronto, a design and management group specializing in the entertainment, special event, architectural-construction and media services industries, was tasked with the design and integration of this one of a kind multimedia project.

Vista Cocktail LoungeBill Sage, SenovvA Account Executive for the project, explains, “We worked with the Rockwell Architectural Group in New York and Bergman Walls and Associates in Las Vegas. They came up with this immersion concept for the Vista Lounge that makes you feel like you’re at the top of a skyscraper looking out of the windows down at panoramic skylines of cities like Dubai, New York and Beijing through the use of 4K UHD videos in the windows and LED panels in the lounge’s ceiling.

“We had to come up with the video and audio elements to make their vision and intent work,” Sage adds. “We started with 32 NEC monitors projecting the programmed city views from a Watchout video media server that synchronizes and runs the video to all of the different displays with Crestron processing and control.

“The videos overlook various cities with real time effects like day to night, building office lights, airplanes, clouds and rain striking and running down the windows. The lounge can also load in content for branded environments and special events when a sponsor wants to buy out the bar. We also put 55 Oracle 8mm LED panels in the center of the lounge ceiling with special glass and effects that are synced to the window content to simulate a large skylight.”

Choosing a sound system to complement the video scheme was easy for Sage and Curtis Kelly, Lead for SenovvA’s Systems Design Group, given they share over 20 years of experience with Martin Audio in both the live sound and installation markets.

“Vista is supposed to be a relaxed, low-key alternative to some of the more over the top clubs at Caesar’s,” says Bill. “There’s a DJ who plays what I’d call chill-out music that doesn’t overwhelm the patrons with sound and reinforces the romantic mood. The client wanted an Ultra-Lounge system with high quality sound they could feel, which added up to Martin Audio for us because Curtis and I knew it would give them everything they wanted and more.

“We mounted five Martin Audio DD12s high up on the walls at angles facing the bar which provide real smooth coverage for the room because of the Differential Dispersion™ technology in the boxes. There are also two PSX compact powered subwoofers, one buried under the DJ booth and one on the other side of the room which worked out well because we didn’t have space for amps in the rack room and the built-in processing warms up the sound without overpowering the room. We also installed 8 Martin Audio C8.1T ceiling speakers for additional fill and to supplement the system when playing low-key background music. A BSS BLU-80 Audio DSP system provides additional processing.”

In addition to Sage and Kelly, crew for the installation included Project Manager Coty Shipe, Video Server Programmer Andy Kulhavy and Crestron Programmer Micheal Block.

Vista Cocktail LoungeAsked about the client’s response to the installation, Bill confirms, “They really love the Martin Audio system. Vista Lounge is a nice counterpoint to some of the other clubs at Caesar’s because the videos really take you to other places and the sound is subtle but fantastic.”

Crew photo (left to right): Andy Kulhavy, David Cromer, Wayne Olson, Curtis Kelly, Jordan Catillaz and Coty Shipe.

Published: August 14, 2015

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Testimonial: Press Tour Summer 2015

Testimonial: Press Tour Summer 2015


Once again, you and your team were terrific. It’s always so easy to get things accomplished with your crew and I appreciate it.


Sue Lamphear
CBS Television


SenovvA’s 10th Anniversary

SenovvA’s 10th Anniversary

SenovvA staff from all over North America gathered to celebrate our historic 10th Anniversary on May 28, 2015 in Los Angeles. In honor of this significant milestone, the entire team welcomed clients, vendors, collaborators and friends to an open house at our newly opened 11,000 sq. ft. headquarters.

SenovvA's 10th AnniversaryOriginally founded in 2005 by K Lee Harvey, Frank McMinn and Robert Balmet, SenovvA has grown into a team of thirty full-time employees with regional offices in New York, Toronto and San Francisco.

Starting with just a few producers at its inception, SenovvA now offers a broad range of production management services to the entertainment, special event, architectural / building, and media service industries.

“I am so proud of our team and what we’ve been able to accomplish in the last 10 years,” said CEO, K Lee Harvey, “With our expansion in staff, newly opened regional offices and the addition of our Advanced Development Projects Team, we are well positioned to offer our agile innovations and solution driven production services for more exciting years to come. Many thanks to all of our partners, collaborators and friends who have joined us on this incredible journey.”

Here’s a look at our current operating units and some examples of our proud achievements in the last 10 years, all made possible by the talented team that is SenovvA.

Production Services

Broadcast & Film
Leading media networks turn to SenovvA for LED and projection expertise on the most watched televised events throughout the year. Our display work on the Academy Awards broadcast is seen by more than one billion people in 225 countries and territories around the world. Hundreds of millions more see our other televised and streamed events from broadcast and cable networks across every digital platform available.

SenovvA’s Production Services Group is headed by Principal Partner & President Frank McMinn. His teams projects have included The Primetime Emmy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, The BET Awards, as well as upfronts for NBC, CNN, ESPN, and the Television Critics Association’s biannual Press Tours. The production services team includes Executive Producer Dave Taylor, Senior Producer Marcus Irwin, Executive Producer Tristan Valencia, Technical Producer Walt De Jong, Producer’s Eric Leverton and Steve Nider, Project Manager’s Joe Sebenius, Robert Ingram, Brian Tracy, Ian StrimpleDaniel White and Andy Kulhavy.

“Our deep understanding of client needs and our best-in-class teamwork delivers premium management expertise that brings our clients back year after year,” said Frank McMinn, “You can order gear from anyone – but the brain trust needed to create extraordinary events is where we shine.”

Corporate & Industrial
SenovvA’s long history of design and management enables us to partner directly with corporate clients, agencies, PR firms, and event designers. We service leading brands from consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, entertainment and media industries and our projects have included: press events for Mercedes-Benz and Samsung; store openings for Hugo Boss and Desigual; fashion shows for design brand Y-3; sponsored events for Red Bull Mind Meld at Ultra Music Festival, H&M Stores at Coachella Music Festival; trade show displays for AgustaWestland’s exhibit at Heli-Expo, as well as cutting edge consumer activations like Time Warner Cable Studios Experience in NYC.

SenovvA has proudly managed all aspects of production for the Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party – Hollywood’s largest, longest running outdoor charity event associated with the Academy Awards, as well as Ellen Degeneres 50th Birthday Celebration on the backlot at Warner Bros. Studios.

Theater & Performing Arts
SenovvA plays a fundamental role in the live theater and entertainment world. From Broadway to Vegas to regional theaters and touring shows, our work has been consistently recognized on the live stage as we work with innovative production designers to deliver media systems that enhance, involve and delight audiences. In addition to providing and integrating technology for the stage, we have been Producers, Associate Producers and provide artistic direction services.

The Theatrical Division, is headed by Arianna Knapp, SenovvA’s Director of Communication & Strategy / Theatrical Producer, “We look at a project, an idea, a vision or a script, then match our expertise and resources in order to create a collaborative partnership that delivers amazing results in real-time, every time.”

Broadway Theatrical Projects have included Something Rotten!, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Lucky Guy, Bring it On and American Idiot. Touring shows have included Rain, Backbeat, and Bring It On. SenovvA has provided technology and expertise for; The Public Theater, The Old Globe, North Shore Music Theatre, The Alliance Theatre, Berkeley Rep, Steppenwolf, and Center Theatre Group.

Systems Design Group

Launched in 2012, SenovvA’s Systems Group is headed by veteran Technical Director Curtis Kelly. Curtis’ team is responsible for permanent installation projects and supported by our newly opened San Francisco Bay Area Office, in association with our expanding work with nearby technology clients in Silicon Valley. Systems Group projects have also included exhibits at the Reagan Discovery Center in Simi Valley, The Vista Lounge at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas and an interactive bar display at Wolfgang Pucks Lupo Restaurant at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas.

The team is led by Peter Waxdal in Project Administration, Account Executive Bill Sage with Project Manager’s Fred Jacobo and Coty Shipe, and includes Executive Producer Tristan Valencia, and Scott Kellogg in Business Development.

Design & Integration
In partnership with leading architects, technology giants, and entertainment groups, we use our technical knowledge and production experience to bring their visions to life.

SenovvA’s system engineers, programmers, content designers, and installers are the “quiet success story” in the retail, museum, nightclub, traveling exposition, and architectural media. From video walls to projection systems and installations, to content servers, to unique audio and control systems, SenovvA brings our vast technical and creative experience to support our partners in the architectural and facility management industries.

Management & Contract Services
SenovvA leverages its vast experience to deliver strategic consulting and management of high-tech media facilities. Our services include event production design, equipment rental, technical staffing, systems service agreements, and allied field partnerships.

We offer a variety of unique facility management service that ensures the success of any services. Our operations are tailored to meet the differing needs of conventional audio/visual in-house service providers and labor bureaus. We offer contract technical training programs, as well as the authoring and delivery of services for production partners and staging houses. With direct access to our other operating units, along with the depth and flexibility of our facility-based services, SenovvA is unmatched in an otherwise commodity driven industry.

Advanced Development Projects (ADP)
Headed by Director, Design & Development P. Michael Anderson, the Advanced Development Projects group was created to be both SenovvA’s research and development group, as well as our own “in house-special response team,” able to respond to the most demanding projects we encounter.

SenovvA ADP“It’s not about what we can do “FOR” you, it is about what we can do “WITH” you,” said P. Michael Anderson.

ADP develops new services and product lines for SenovvA’s innovative production and creative services, and exists in a place that we often can’t reveal or discuss in open marketing and media channels. In many cases, ADP and Systems Group staff are embedded within a client or partner organization and culture, rather than operating from SenovvA offices.

Supporting P. Michael Anderson in the ADP Group are resources from SenovvA’s existing talent base that include Producer Vince Pecchi, Media Director Sean Tarantino, and Chris Blanchard in Operations & Logistics.

SenovvA Canada

Dave Crainford, General Manager SenovvA Canada continues to develop SenovvA’s services and expertise in Canada and is expanding our reach into international markets. Working out of our office in Toronto, Dave collaborates with clients including; the Munk Debates, Hermes, the City of Toronto, Amgen, and Pattern Energy.

SenovvA Operations

Chief Operating Officer, Robert Balmet manages support for all SenovvA product service lines. “With projects happening all over the globe, everyone of our producers and designers are connected to our network of resources, and each bring our collective insight to all the sectors we engage with.”

Robert’s team includes Office Manager Victoria Montalvo, Operations Manager Juan AlbaFacilities Manager Gina Farina, Accountant Aren Esaian, and IT Systems Engineer Michael Sheliga.

“Together with our partners, we are poised to take on the challenges and successes that we’ll encounter as a team over the next ten years.” – K Lee Harvey


Testimonial: Theatre InspiraTO Festival 2015

Testimonial: Theatre InspiraTO Festival 2015


I would like to send a BIG thanks to you and SenovvA for supporting our festival and our cause – offering an unprecedented opportunity to playwrights, actors, directors to test and showcase their skills and talents on stage. The festival was, again, a success. Please forward my thanks to your colleagues at SenovvA.



Lumir Hladik
Associate Artistic Director
Theatre InspiraTO


ShapeShifter Fixtures Shine at EJAF Oscars Party

ShapeShifter Fixtures Shine at EJAF Oscars Party

Each year during Academy Awards week, Hollywood’s A-List comes out to raise millions for Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. For the last 15 years, SenovvA has brought increasingly spectacular productions to the Elton John Foundation’s annual Oscar Viewing Party. Production / Lighting Designer Peter Kyte has designed the show for the last seven years; for this latest event, he utilized High End Systems SHAPESHIFTER C1 and W1 automated fixtures as the main effects lighting fixture for the evening. Joining Kyte on the SenovvA team were programmer Fraser Kerrigan, Master Electrician Sean McGrath and Project Manager Brian Tracy. Executive Producer was Marcus Irwin.

Peter explains, “Our parameters with this show are primarily to create something unique, different than our past designs, and to work within the parameters of the temporary structure that we build. We employed a very ‘old school Studio 54’ theme, and when I first saw the SHAPESHIFTERs at LDI, I thought they were very interesting, and would be a great center point for the event. I envisioned a 1970s looking flower effect that would run across the upstage, so I used the SHAPESHIFTERs as the centerpiece of the flower, along with smaller LED fixtures surrounding them.

“One of the biggest challenges working in a tent was the weight restriction. We used a new tent company and they were very good about letting us know the actual weight restrictions and keeping us to that number. I couldn’t put a lot in the air, so I used Airstars because they’re light and gave me the ambient light that I needed, and a very small FOH rig just to get the heat on the stage that we needed. The SHAPESHIFTERs were used for all the effect lighting. I had C1s and W1s – they looked great and worked really well. They really helped make our design pop.

“We had the C1s as the center of the ‘daisy’ and the W1s were placed lower as sort of a beauty uplight type thing from behind. We spent a lot of time exploring the range of options on the C1s. The W1s were a bonus but we thought they would add a nice divine lighting effect coming down from behind. As we were in the practical moments of setting up, we decided to move them off to the side and a little lower. They worked out really well, and we were able to hit the 3′ disco mirror ball as well.”

According to Kyte, Programmer Fraser Kerrigan ran the SHAPESHIFTERs in full mode, and really put them through their paces. “It’s an entirely new way of programming,” says Peter, “and it’s possible for designers to be overwhelmed, but the payoff is really worth it. It may take a bit longer when you first get going, but once you get into this fixture you can get some really great effects.”

In closing, Peter comments on SHAPESHIFTER’s importance as a lighting tool: “With video and pixel mapping now taking a lot of work that programmers used to do – and making it simple, this adds another vital tool for your toolbox. Even though the technology is very 21st century, in my opinion, the programming and the result is a very pure lighting type of effect; you’re dealing with the moving light on a whole new scale. It is so new, and is a revolutionary new way of thinking about how to program, but yet the effect for the audience is so striking. With better tools to work with, the results can be spectacular.”

Published: March 27, 2015


SenovvA Opens San Francisco Bay Area Office/Warehouse

SenovvA Opens San Francisco Bay Area Office/Warehouse


Contact: Arianna Knapp, Director of Strategy and Communications, 213.689.6900 x112

SenovvA, Inc. opens facility in San Francisco

Los Angeles, CA (March 10, 2015) – SenovvA, Inc. (“SenovvA”), a leading production, design and management group with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto, today announces the expansion of its operations to include an office and warehouse in San Francisco, California. Through the new location, SenovvA expands its foothold in the North American market to provide services to the Digital Cinema, Theatrical, Broadcast, Industrial/Corporate, and Architectural System Design and Installation sectors.

“We have quietly partnered for years with companies in the Bay Area that span all of our business sectors. We continue to expand our scope of services with tech giants like Google, YouTube and Facebook, and we are pleased to make the Bay Area our newest home.

“There was a time when SenovvA’s Broadcast clients were dealing with Los Angeles, our theater clients dealt with New York and our systems design and integration clients worked with a team that was spread across the country. As SenovvA enters it’s second decade, we have partnerships from all our markets working with us from all our offices. There is Broadcast work in New York and Las Vegas, there is theater work in Toronto, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, and of course the corporate industrial events are happening everywhere. This additional location gives us an even greater agility to serve all our partners.” – SenovvA’s Director of Strategy, Arianna Knapp

“This expansion further demonstrates our commitment to provide design and management for technology visionaries as well as theaters, corporate clients, and architects/builders” said Kevin Lee Harvey, CEO of SenovvA, Inc. “We will have a top notch Bay Area team including Bay Area natives Bill Sage (Account Executive Systems Design Group), Scott Kellogg (Business Development), Fred Jacobo (Project Manager) as we open our doors April 15th”

Introducing Bill Sage:

Bill Sage returned to his beloved Bay Area in 2012, taking on a new role and gaining valuable skills in estimating, contract negotiation and document management for public works and major sporting arena projects. He has applied these skills to major projects including the paging system and tower renovation at San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 3; Los Angeles Dodgers stadium audio renovation; and the mass notification system installation at the Port of San Francisco’s new cruise ship terminal.

Joining SenovvA has reunited Bill with many trusted and respected colleagues. He is thrilled to be a member of the team and looks forward to playing his part to expand and develop opportunities for SenovvA in San Francisco and beyond.

Testimonial: Press Tour Winter 2015

Testimonial: Press Tour Winter 2015


I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you from Viacom. Everyone was so pleased with how the panels turned out and we absolutely could not have done this without you. Between 7 channels, 10 panels, a fiber feed from across the globe, and more panelists to count, you and the amazing team you set up made it happen flawlessly. Please send an amazing thank you to Tim for the fiber feed, Robyn for Lighting and just being an amazing, welcoming face, Pat on prompter, Wayne at audio, the awesome video engineer who ingested a new tape 30 minutes prior to our show and of course, the wonderful Mike Ross who can simply do no wrong.

This team makes coming back to TCA, tour after tour, so easy and delightful and I am always comforted knowing they can handle whatever gets thrown their way. With you as their leader, I know, all is well.

Thank you again for everything, Dave!


Mallery Mangan
Production Manager, Special Events


Testimonial: Theatre InspiraTO Festival 2014

Testimonial: Theatre InspiraTO Festival 2014

Dave, Arianna & Peter

On behalf of Theatre InspiraTO, I would like to thank you for your support and all the technology you have lent us for our venue. The festival was an absolute success: everyone who has seen our previous festivals commented that we have taken it to the next level. We made sure that SenovvA’s sponsorship was frequently mentioned. Many members of Toronto’s theatre community were very impressed by your generosity.


Regards with big thanks!

Lumir Hladik
Associate Artistic Director

Dominik Loncar
Artistic Director

Theatre InspiraTO


Testimonial: Elton John AIDS Foundation 2014

Testimonial: Elton John AIDS Foundation 2014


On behalf of all of us at the Elton John AIDS Foundation, thank you so much for participating in our Academy Awards Viewing Party earlier this month. We’re so grateful to you for helping to make this event such a wonderful success!

Our annual Oscar-Night Party is far and away the most important night of the year for the Foundation. As you know, every dollar that EJAF spends on grants and programs each year must be raised from our amazing donors and friends. The success of this event is crucial to setting the pace for our grant year and plays a very real role in determining what initiatives we will be able to support.

Your support means so much to the people who need our help the most. Through EJAF’s work, you are helping uninsured people living with HIV gain access to life-saving medications. You are ensuring that homeless gay teens can find a safe place to stay and receive medical and social services, job training, and a chance for a healthy and productive future. You are supporting legal action against prisons that deny medical care to HIV-positive inmates. You are sending positive messages to gay men across the nation, urging them to stay healthy.  You are doing all of this and so much more by supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation. We would not exist without you.

It means so much to all of us that you were a part of this year’s Academy Awards Viewing Party. We are so grateful for your continued support of our work. The board and staff of the Elton John AIDS Foundation work every day to maximize the impact of your contributions, and we truly hope you are proud of everything we do together.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you at next year’s event, if not sooner!


Scott P. Campbell
Executive Director
Elton John AIDS Foundation


Testimonial: Academy Publicity Team

Testimonial: Academy Publicity Team

Frank & the SenovvA Team,

Thank you to the incredible team at SenovvA for your time, energy and everything you do to make our show and our events throughout the season possible! Thank you for your enthusiasm, professionalism and thoroughness. We love working with you and look forward to the next one!


Academy Publicity Team