Television Critics Association Press Tour Winter 2014

Senior Technical Director Dave Taylor and Producer Eric Leverton headed up the SenovvA team for this years Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour held at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena.

Over 180 member journalists from around the USA and Canada came to meet with network executives and talent to review upcoming programming and conduct interviews. Over 40,000 editorial pieces are generated during the two week series of meetings, and an additional 45,000 features are generated in subsequent months. SenovvA executed all technical production for the biannual event, which included a changing daily lineup of presentations by ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CW, HBO, Showtime, Discovery and many other networks. The press staying in the hotel had two special closed circuit channels, dedicated to screening upcoming shows and trailers which were all managed by the SenovvA onsite crew. The round-the-clock schedule was made possible with an outstanding production team that returns to work with Dave Taylor, year after year.

“We are pleased with our long time partnership with the Television Critics Association and all the presenting networks, to create a showcase for new content that will soon be reaching every household in North America,” said SenovvA’s President Frank McMinn.

Press Tour Production Team: Television Critics Association Press Tour Winter 2014
Technical Director | Clint Roberts
Chief Engineer | Linda Cappelletti
Lighting Director | Robin Gray
Lead Audio | Wayne Pierce
Assistant Audio | Gary Mikialian
Lightboard Operator | Mark Pranzini
Projectionist | Charlotte Ibarra
Master Electrician | Craig Poulsen
Head Utility | Hilton Brown