Spike TV Scream Awards

SenovvA used the newly available WinVision LED display system at the Spike TV “Scream Awards,” broadcast on Tuesday, October 21, 2008.

WinVision is a “see through” LED screen, and provides an innovative solution for any stage, event or production. Frank McMinn chose WinVision because of its ease of set-up, lightweight design, and minimal thermal issues. SenovvA utilized WinVision panels for two on-stage display walls as well as in the “Skull Island” floor where the panels were mounted below a Lexan top.

SenovvA also installed a Stewart Filmscreen AeroView 100 screen on the main stage, 23’ x 40’6”. SenovvA had to create a path to get talent and set pieces on and off stage during the show. Dave Taylor designed a rig with box truss to surround the entire screen so it could cantilever back like a garage door.

Several set pieces were also visually animated through use of Barco i6XP LED panels. SenovvA installed 24 panels in the “Spike” to provide background visual effects from the stage floor up to the crosspiece of the spike.