SEGD 2016 Xplorer Digital Bootcamp

SenovvA was a proud sponsor and thrilled to host SEGD’s Digital Foundations Bootcamp at their Los Angeles Headquarters. This was the annual “Xplorer” event that focused on digital workflow and practices in the experiential graphic design field. The audience was SEGD team members looking to gain insight and skills in the digital design processes, as EGD makes the transformation of adopting digital workflow and practices. Members of SEGD are responsible for the visual graphic design of everything from signage to experiential public spaces.

The Xplorer event was largely a matter of coordinating various speakers along with their technology needs for their presentations. SenovvA and her sister entity INVENT, strategized together to create a meeting space for the day’s activities. Thus utilizing the SEGD 2016 Xplorer Digital Bootcamppresentation, lighting and audio systems of the schoolroom environment and consuming both classrooms of INVENT for breakout sessions. SenovvA not only helped organize, staff, and provide half the featured speakers for this event, we further sponsored refreshments for the post-show mixer.

SenovvA collaborated with Shy Fi Productions and the various speaker organizations to provide gear and resources for the presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on sessions. The uniqueness of this event is that it was all digital and focused on trends in digital visual/experiential graphic design. SenovvA’s P. Michael Anderson delivered a warp-speed presentation on Developing Digital Content along with Lauren Kelly Sheridan who prepared an insightful session on Designing with Code. “SenovvA was a valuable asset in helping create the built-in production space,” states P. Michael Anderson, Advanced Development Projects, “We were essential in providing the technical expertise and in offering keynote speakers where experienced industry mentors were brought in from outside to the SEGD fold.” Watch P. Michael Anderson’s presentation on Content Development

SEGD 2016 Xplorer Digital BootcampIn order to enrich the attendees experience and provide a more immersive environment, (rather than a lecture environment) SenovvA counted on its vital partners from The Voyager Group and Motivational Media, to act as ringers and mentors in the content discussions of the attendees with their varying viewpoints and workflows.

“SenovvA is able to present themselves as ‘in the middle of the conversation’ when it comes to digital design and implementation processes within SEGD, “explains P. Michael Anderson, “Rather than ponying up a purely cash sponsorship, we were able to provide our own resources and tradecraft to the conversation.”

“Again thank you for your support and for SenovvA’s contributions to our LA Xplorer event. Your teams commitment to SEGD and our digital learning and experiences had been tremendous and we truly value your place in our community, now your community too!.” Justin Malloy, Director of Education / Creative Director, SEGD

SenovvA is proud to give back to the industry that has bestowed a huge amount of growth and interest over the last few years. As P. Michael Anderson states, “These kinds of events quickly become more about working with friends and colleagues, not just industry peers or competitors.”