DIY/BYOM: Performance Content Media Serving

Arkaos Grand VJ Platform

Sunday, 09/25/11 | 4:00p – 5:30p | 45 Main St. Suite 529

presented by Simon Anaya & Paul Anderson

Simon & Paul demonstrate Arkaos Grand VJ, a software platform within the reach of entry-level artists and a workflow aimed at allowing up-and-coming artists to develop, re-task and present content without the cost, or time, of the Class A video server system.

In early 2011 they undertook a three-day turnaround project for Seattle’s up-and-coming musical act, “Falling Blind”. The objectives were to provide the act a custom media and projection solution for their second CD release party, “Comets.” They will show how recycling the acts available assets (logos, album art, etc.) combined with the use of public domain stock footage, into concise and tightly branded animated segments that can be dynamically “performed.” With only a day of theming to each song in the set list, the show was assembled into packages on the Arkaos Grand VJ platform. The result was a self-running, easily adaptable by venue package that they themselves could take on the road on their own laptops, for use in varied venues with everything from video monitors to large projection and LED walls. The segments created for each piece of their set list can be triggered by any member of their traveling road crew, or even the band themselves with minimal MIDI automation.