Technical Illustration for Event Design & Installation

Google SketchUp Platform

Sunday, 09/25/11 | 12:00p – 1:30p | 45 Main St. Suite 529

presented by SenovvA’s own Paul Anderson, Director, Design & Development

Paul is a 24+ year veteran Technical Director & Content Producer of corporate, social and entertainment events and still uses the simple tagline of “evolving context into content” for event design and management. He has provided production design and management services to such corporations as General Motors, Mercedes Benz, Qualcomm, Sun Microsystems, as well as hundreds of corporate, social and special events in such faraway places as China, Australia and the Middle East. Paul is a graduate of UC San Diego with a degree in Human Information Processing and Mass Media effects, with a minor in Theater Production Design. His experience runs the gamut from designing social and multinational events, to being a stage and a production industry technical trainer and technology consultant.

Paul will present on creating conceptual 3D modeling and technical illustration in Google SketchUp Pro and how it works into a more formal workflow used by Architects, Stage Designers, System Designers and AutoCad purists. On one hand, he will examine modeling a show design in short order without the huge learning curve and entry-cost restrictions of the bigger programs. On the other hand, he will look at how these tools now make concept level 3D CAD accurate drawings available to non-drafting salespeople, technicians and planners, while maintaining a design asset usable through a more advanced workflow.