Corporate & Special Event Design

LD Assistant/Autodesk Platform

Saturday, 09/24/11 | 12:00p – 1:30p | 45 Main St. Suite 529

presented by Kevin Denzel, Technical Director Swank Audio Visuals, Southern Division

Kevin Denzel is an expert in creating event design renderings using LD Assistant. Having only learned the technical design software three years ago, he now mentors others and has earned more than a dozen featured designer recognitions in CAD-N-LIGHTING e-newsletter. At Swank, Kevin leads the company-wide design and development of CAD implementation. His primary role with the audio visual services leader is utilizing his distinct creativity in pre-visualizations and renderings. He performs this for clients in both of Swank’s Event and Hotel Services’ divisions. Kevin’s unique role spans the technical and sales areas of the event design process. He continues to develop Swank’s “Concepts to Creations” programs using LD Assistant.

Before joining Swank eight years ago, Kevin worked in a variety of technical positions in the audio visuals industry. He is a 2000 graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Phoenix.

Kevin will present samples of his previous work using LD Assistant and share concepts of CAD and packaging workflow. Demonstrating his process using LD Assistant’s basic and advanced tools, he’ll show you how to create everything from a great-looking static shot rendering to a recordable walk-through production design. You can read his article “What The!@#$% (Five Million Polygons)” on the complexity of processing while achieving your design goals in the Sept. 2011 e-newsletter issue of CAD-N-LIGHTING.