Samsung 2016 CES Press Conference

SenovvA at CES 2016, “Everything and Everyone, Short of the Kitchen Sink”

The Samsung Press Conference

Las Vegas, NV January 2, 2016

SenovvA managed Samsung’s highly anticipated 2016 CES Press Conference at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. The 45 minute, no holds barred product introductions were seen by 1200 members of the press in person and streamed live around the world on January 5, 2016. The event included sound, lighting, graphics, and scenic design coordinated and delivered by SenovvA to showcase the latest innovations from the technology giant. Watch Press Conference

“CES has become a much larger, and much more fast paced production environment, where product launches, media content, and project planning are often done in near real time based on what products are ready, what assets can be leveraged, and how a consumer tech giant like Samsung manages its own distinct entities and products. Samsung is so influential, and takes such a leading role across so many consumer technology sectors, it’s like supporting dozens of separate entities in one 45 minute whirlwind trade show presentation. Priorities and players shift and emerge seemingly daily. It isn’t just about getting the production up and running, but accommodating major changes of direction on the fly.” – Arianna Knapp

Samsung 2016 CES Press ConferenceExecutive Producers, Arianna Knapp and Marcus Irwin worked meticulously with an international team of client representatives in the weeks leading up to CES, to ensure the best possible showcase of Samsung’s Internet of Things platform called SmartThings technology. SenovvA compiled a select team of highly skilled industry experts to bring the expansive, and ever evolving vision for this press conference to fruition. The team included Atomic, J3 Consulting, Delicate Productions, and Gray Matter Visual.

“Some of the most technical challenging and logistic opportunities come when a client like Samsung wants to rightly feature some of their own allied technologies inside the traditional production environment. Case in point; The large-scale LED wall seen on stage was an adaptation of a “just entering production” LED architectural signage product built by one of Samsung’s recent acquisitions in the commercial signage arena. Assisting and coordinating the technology and the staff who don’t normally function in the live production arena, new to the Samsung family, with a first run product, literally just off the production line, brings up a host of production management, safety, and logistics challenges requiring the partnership we provide. To some, what appears as an insertion of competitive technology and expertise is just another opportunity to collaborate and expand all parties experience and reach.” – Marcus Irwin

SenovvA continues to confirm that it’s one of the top design and management firms in the industry. One that consistently supports its clientele and partners in delivering marquee experiences by fostering and engaging true multi-agency, collaborative workflows in what can appear to be a chaotic and manic process.

Samsung 2016 CES Press Conference“This year, aside from the signature Samsung personal tech, and display technology, the Family Hub Refrigerator with its full HD LCD touchscreen on the exterior door and cameras inside was a highlight of the press conference. It may not quite be the “show that has everything but the kitchen sink”… but who knows what we will see next year!” – Arianna Knapp