Samsung 2015 CES Press Conference

SenovvA managed the worldwide launch of Samsung’s SUHD TV with a 111’ wide curved projection screen at CES Las Vegas. The 45 minute, no holds barred, press conference streamed live around the world on January 5, 2015. The event included automated scenic elements as well as high-resolution imagery to showcase the latest innovations from the technology giant. Watch Behind The ScenesSamsung 2015 CES Press Conference

Executive Producer Tristan Valencia, along with Marcus Irwin and Arianna Knapp of SenovvA, worked diligently with an international team of client representatives in the weeks prior to CES, to ensure the best possible introduction of Samsung’s truly ground-breaking technology.

SenovvA assembled an elite team of industry experts to realize the expansive vision for this event. Within 48-hours of load-in, the production team working under SenovvA’s direction brought the audio, video, lighting, and projection elements to life in the Mandalay Bay Ballroom. With scenic support from Atomic, and Mobilators from All Access, the stage was set for Samsung’s CEO to rehearsal.

Samsung 2015 CES Press ConferenceSenovvA’s veteran projection team collaborated with the design studio of J3 Productions, led by John Mims. The team successfully executed a 12-projector blend into a single seamless image with 90-degree downstage curves at both ends of the screen. More than 1,700 members of the press viewed the opening high-resolution imaginary as it seamlessly filled the massive screen.

Spectacular clarity, color and innovative design were all key elements for Samsungs’s vision for the press conference. SenovvA teamed with Gray Matter Visual to highlight Stephen Nakamura the renowned Hollywood colorist who explained the importance of SUHD’s color during the press conference.

SenovvA continues to confirm that it’s one of the top design and management firms in the industry and one that consistently supports its highly diverse clientele in delivering marquee experiences.

Samsung 2015 CES Press Conference

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