The Oscars® Broadcast 2015


OscarCREW-Insert-430x276ishThe 87th Annual Academy Awards featured the return of SenovvA’s unparalleled team including Frank McMinnDave TaylorEric Leverton, Joe Sebenius, Jim Agnor, Bill Starnes, Luke Frey, and Scott Goegebuer. SenovvA Executive Producer Dave Taylor marked his 26th year on the show along with President Frank McMinn in his 22nd year.

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0scar2015projectionscenic“The Moving Pictures opening number, created by Neil Patrick Harris and his team called for extensive rehearsals with the projections team in order to perfect the timing and create a visual environment which translated well for the viewers at home, and the audiences at the Dolby Theater.”  Said Dave Taylor, “I was really pleased with the way the graphics team complimented Derek McLane’s set design and allowed the display technology to mesh with the environment.”

In order to enhance the film sequences that highlighted the number, Dave integrated multiple layers of projection on a single surface to provide clarity for the camera closeups.

INSERT Opening Screen Grid

SenovvA began meetings with the design and creative directors in the early Fall of 2014 for the 87th Oscars celebration broadcast on February 22. Months of discussion and speculation, system design and product demos, lead to the dynamic production elements which support the film industry’s biggest night.

Video display systems integrated into the Oscars broadcast included:

  • Two Christie HD 18 projectors used for house screens flown high above the audience left and right.
  • Three Barco HDF-W26 26,000-lumen and WUXGA HD DLP Projectors recreated the image for the “Big Picture” Screen on stage.
  • Five Barco HDQ 2K40 and two Barco HDF W26 projectors covered the 50’ semi circular “Opening” Screen. These projectors also served dual purpose on other surfaces throughout the show.



Oscar2015_0002_Cyc-CLosedThe Cyclorama Screen was 70’ wide x 35’ tall and made up of 595 WinVision 9.75mm LED panels.

Two rolling LED screens were capable of coming together downstage center to create one 28’ wide high resolution image. These included 288 tiles of Revolution RD3 3mm panels.



In addition to planning, procuring, and executing the video display systems for the Oscars, what SenovvA brings is the confidence, and expertise that come from Dave Taylor and Frank McMinn’s leadership and attention to detail.

Photos © 2015 Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences