Santtu Mustonen for the New York City Ballet’s Art Series

The New York City Ballet’s (NYCB) Annual Art Series continues its commitment to “cross-pollinate the disciplines of performing and visual arts – and their audiences.” The art series, now in its fifth year, invites leading and emerging artists to collaborate and create site-specific art in the NYCB’s Lincoln Center home during the winter season. This year, NYCB and creative agency Hugo & Marie, turned to SenovvA for projection expertise to deliver Finnish artist Santtu Mustonen’s astonishing atmospheric digital art installation, Cross Pollination. Located on the David H. Koch Theater Promenade, Mustonen’s large-scale video installation was produced from a series of original digitally altered paintings that transcend a sense of motion within his dynamic pieces.

SenovvA designed and implemented a projection New York City Ballet's Art Seriessolution for the four massive screens that showcased the digitally transformed paintings. Four Panasonic PT-DZ21KU projectors were utilized and positioned on either end of the four story tall promenade. A-frame configured ground supported screens (two 32’ x 18’) were situated in the middle of the space and illuminated by projectors on the 4th floor balcony using long throw lenses. The outer flown screens (two 30.5’ x 19’) positioned behind enormous sculptures were illuminated by projectors on the 2nd floor balcony using ultra short throw lenses. Mustonen’s content was delivered to each screen via a custom Touch Designer rig engineered by Hard Work Party. Inside the A-frame screen structure visitors were visually surrounded by animated images while Finnish musician, Tuomas Alatalo, provided a musical score to enhance the imagery. The screens towered over visitors and offered a truly immersive experience.

The immense installation at NYCB’s Lincoln Center, an iconic building home to significant works of art, was an exercise in subtlety for SenovvA. Taking into consideration the security of the artwork and public safety, New York City Ballet's Art Seriesinfrastructure and cabling had to be minimal and unobtrusive to the installation. To achieve this objective, SenovvA’s Project Manager Daniel White explains, “Our video engineers designed a custom rigging solution to mount the four projectors in portrait mode within 11’ of the 30.5’ tall outer screens.”

Mustonen’s abstract work reiterates the mission of the NYCB Art Series using digitally altered paintings to explore ideas of movement and interaction. Like pollen coating a pond that moves with the waves beneath, the premise behind this installation is combining the age-old art of painting with modern digital technology. This theme is recurrent in the atmosphere of the promenade itself, where traditional paintings and sculptures stand intertwined with modern video projection technology.

SenovvA continues to demonstrate its translated technology and expertise while collaborating with their highly diverse clientele in producing marquee experiences.New York City Ballet's Art Series

“SenovvA was a fantastic partner in helping Hugo & Marie bring Mustonen’s New York City Ballet Art Series installation to life. Housed in the David H. Koch Theater Promenade, the immersive four channel video projection provided an elegant and perfectly calibrated experience, true to the artist’s vision, for the thousands of visitors who passed through the theater’s pavilion during the 2017 winter season”, affirmed Jason Rosen Sr. Integrated Producer Hugo & Marie.