NMAAHC Grand Opening Dedication Ceremony

Veteran Executive Producer Don Mischer of Don Mischer Productions selected SenovvA, to provide display expertise services for the Grand Opening Dedication Ceremony of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC on September 24, 2016. Frank McMinn, President, SenovvA asserted, “ Don has a long history producing programs of the highest profile… whether it’s a special event involving the President of the United States, The Emmy’s, The Oscars or the Super Bowl Halftime Show…. he and his team are the best in the business and we’re always ready to support them.”

NMAAHC Grand Opening Dedication CeremonyThe overall set design, created by Steve Bass, included 125 tiles of the new Oracle 5.9mm LED to construct three on-stage displays. The SenovvA team worked with a top-flight coalition of scenic, lighting and sound providers to realize Steve Bass’ design in collaboration with Art Director, Alana Billingsley. It is this proclivity toward collaboration that makes SenovvA the go-to choice for the precise world of live broadcast television, and newsworthy events such as this.

The event featured the museum building; designed by the architectural team of Freelon Group, Adjaye Associates, Davis Brody Bond and SmithGroup as the backdrop for the ceremony. The widely held anticipation of its unveiling was felt throughout the city capping off a number of events celebrating the momentous occasion.

Production planning for the grand opening started month’s prior with collaboration between Mischer and the SenovvA team, planning the integration of LED to compliment the unique architecture of the building. DMP (Don Mischer Productions) contacted Frank McMinn in early July to begin evaluating options for the creative design. AAHC Grand Opening Dedication CeremonyWhen Alana Billingsley requested demos in the shop in order to integrate the physical tiles with the custom walls, the team then assembled at SenovvA’s LA headquarters with the Producers/Art Director to create the mock-up.

“Collaboration with producers, set designers and art directors to achieve seamless integration of the latest technology to compliment cutting edge design is the cornerstone of our teams’ passion for each and every project,” said K Lee Harvey, CEO, SenovvA, “we make visions achievable without anyone needing to ask how – we just get the job done!”

Watch the entire ceremony