Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press Event

Take the launch of a product that’s a global symbol of excellence. Add an international audience of veteran judges who are never easy to impress. Commit to directing a team of multiple suppliers under the leadership of New York based agency OSK Marketing & Communications, with the support of its German parent company Oliver Schrott Kommunikation, one of Europe’s most innovative marketing communication firms. Then include two separate event sites, each with a distance of over one hundred miles apart, involving environments completely custom-built within existing spaces.

There’s more! Assemble those spaces in just six days. Then manage the event flawlessly for almost three weeks, for a different audience each day, with ecstatic reviews. Where does that take you?

It takes you to Canada, and to SenovvA’s recent achievement executing the first international press drive event for the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press EventThe press launch of this flagship vehicle – which has for decades defined automotive excellence – hosted over five hundred journalists flown to Toronto in July, from all parts of the world. Each morning journalists enjoyed a S-Class presentation briefing followed by a test-drive from Toronto to the “cottage country” of Muskoka, Ontario.

Bringing the legendary Mercedes-Benz brand to life meant this event would be much more than a typical launch. The multiple sites featured a range of leading-edge technical and media installations, built to the semi-permanent, museum-grade fit and finish that befits this client’s storied brand.

Delivering all of the diverse elements together, and ensuring a seamless execution for the next three weeks, is the exact kind of project upon which SenovvA’s reputation has been built. That reputation has now extended north of the border with the opening of the all-new SenovvA Canada, ULC office in Toronto.

The details of what were demanded at each site for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press Event – and what SenovvA Canada delivered – almost defies description.

Site 1: Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, Ontario | Press Briefing & Dinner Theater

Within the Four Seasons, three separate areas were completely rethought and redesigned successfully, in a remarkably short period of time.

Vinci Ballroom: Press Briefing & Dinner Theater
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press EventIn just six days, the Vinci Ballroom of the Four Seasons was fully transformed. This four-star city-view venue soon became a completely refinished multilevel presentation briefing and dinner theater.

The museum-quality design from OSK architect Fabian Roeder was built in Germany by long-time Daimler event Expo provider Bluepool and assisted by Accord Expositions of Montréal. It was disassembled, then shipped to Canada, where SenovvA began to drive the implementation.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press EventSenovvA worked alongside Roeder and the builders to integrate audio, video, projection, and data services seamlessly within the new room. The ballroom featured a five level sub flooring installed within the existing space. Included in the assembly were dozens of heavy floor-to-ceiling wooden panel louvers. The louvers were rotated during the day to give the room multiple looks between the morning and evening events. The work was so seamless that Four Seasons staff, who hadn’t seen the space for a week, could not believe the complete remodel of their already elegant ballroom!

Beneath, between, and behind the impressive remodeled shell of the ballroom, SenovvA, assisted by Canadian partners Liteworks, installed such key media systems features as:

2 Panasonic PT-DZ21KU HD Projectors
Architectural DMX-controlled LED lighting
Intelligent fixture stage lighting
Hidden stage equipment & backline support
Elevated presentation support expected for any Daimler press conference

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press EventThe production crew executed two shows per day in the venue: a morning breakfast service / presentation briefing, and an evening welcome reception with live entertainment from The Matt Dusk Band and Nikki Yanofsky. The room was reset and reconfigured after each session, creating a distinct environment for both programs.

Vinci Foyer & Lobby: Exhibit Lounge
The sixth floor ballroom foyer and lobby space was converted into a sophisticated lounge and technology exhibition. Automated kiosks in wall displays and custom neon marquees were designed for the space, which also included a number of hidden translator booths for the morning press briefings.Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press Event

Underground Garage: Technology Demonstrators
Given the client’s leadership in the area, additional space was required for a technology exposition. A large section of the venue’s underground parking garage offered the raw space. The sub flooring and walls were constructed from the pavement up to create this environment.

Key exhibits included touch screen kiosks, a background sound system, mood lighting, and a full-scale driving simulator to highlight the breakthrough technology of the new S-Class.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press EventIn addition to coordinating all of the systems, and their various suppliers, SenovvA collaborated with hotel engineering and power vendor, Freeman, to provide a number of unique power transformation and distribution systems, as well as temporary HVAC, to this unconventional space.

Site 2: Muskoka Hangar, Gravenhurst, Ontario | Exposition Space & Technical Workshop

In the heart of one of Canada’s most scenic regions, exactly 109 miles north of the Four Seasons Toronto, is the Muskoka Airport. To some, an aircraft hangar is an empty space, but to SenovvA it was the perfect place to construct a complete presentation and technology exhibit center. (It was also the primary lunch stop on the driving tour; the chartered air terminal for the journalists’ return trip to Toronto; and the event’s technical workshop for servicing and detailing the fleet of S-Class vehicles.)

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press EventBluepool and Accord Expositions reinvented twenty-five percent of this large hangar as a spacious exhibit space that was custom-built. Among its many distinct features were hard-set studio walls and ceiling, and a raised sub floor.

SenovvA and key partner Liteworks created a truss superstructure within the hangar to suspend the walls and ceiling of the exhibit pavilion. The infrastructure was installed in the same timeframe as the large project at the Four Seasons Toronto site.

“The entire SenovvA team was focused and dedicated to the project. All the pre-production was invaluable to the execution of this large and logistically challenging event. Due to their constant communications prior to the installation our staff was well informed and we all clearly understood our responsibilities.” – Dave Eveson, Liteworks

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press EventThe pavilion was also outfitted with a number of interactive display kiosks, studio lighting, graphical exhibit displays, background sound system, a technology demonstrator and simulators from Mercedes-Benz. SenovvA collaborated with Freeman on providing a 50hz generator and power distribution to both the exhibit space and workshop.

For journalists, the Muskoka site represented the end of the formal portion of the event. But for SenovvA, and the partners it directed, the end of each session was the beginning of the next.

After six days to create an innovative series of environments, there were eighteen event days in all, each bringing a complex challenge to life, in the flawless style that only SenovvA has come to define.Mercedes-Benz S-Class Press Event

Event Dates: July 1 – 18, 2013
Location: Toronto & Muskoka Ontario
Client: Daimler / Mercedes-Benz | OSK Marketing & Communications
Partners: Bluepool, Liteworks, Freeman, Star Way, Accord Expositions
SenovvA Account Staff: Vince Pecchi, Steve Nider, Paul Anderson, Peter Kyte