Life Changers Pilot (Telepictures Productions)

Having supported Telepictures for several editions of Ellen’s comedy specials with LED and projection display, SenovvA was the go to company when executives decided to shoot an ambitious show concept whose set was heavily comprised of LED.

Made up of over 500 panels of Barco NX-4 4pm LED panels and spanning and impressive 78′ concave curve, the 6′ high wall would become the only surface that would not only convey important branding and show related info but would serve as a dynamic background for every camera shot.

In order to accomplish the required flexibility of a live show whose main element was so prominently featured, SenovvA’s production team chose a Vista Spyder System with custom graphics served from 2 Green Hipo HD’s and 2 of SenovvA’s own custom graphics workstations. This powerful combination allowed the team to place any element be it Power Point, live camera shot, playback of any kind as well as custom graphics anywhere across the 4800+ wide pixel space at a moments notice. Additionally SenovvA’s graphics team was able to make any changes to the custom graphics they had created at the instant they were requested by the producers.

All of these elements combined to create a visually stunning show which was fully supported technically, graphically and production wise by SenovvA’s seasoned production team. This team was able to seamlessly integrate into the shows overall production team to provide another flawless solution driven production.