SenovvA’s Theatrical Division returned to the Ahmanson Theatre in downtown Los Angeles with Christie Projectors and d3 Media Servers to support the Center Theatre Group production of HARMONY, a new musical by Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman. The media design was by Darrell Maloney, set design by Tobin Ost. Peter Waxdal, GM of SenovvA’s Theatrical Division, managed the project and Andy Kulhavy provided system support. The production ran for four weeks at the Ahmanson Theatre.

Harmony“We are both thrilled by the stunningly talented cast and design team who will be joining us for this production of Harmony,” said creators Manilow and Sussman.

From the LA Times:
The subject is a worthy one. The Comedian Harmonists were six singers from different backgrounds who formed a group in Berlin in 1927. Their rise to stardom, in an act that blended comedy with jazz-influenced ensemble singing, was upturned by Hitler’s racist policies, which deemed “decadent” anything that had traces of non-Aryan culture.