| The One Club

New York’s Bowery Hotel hosted “The One Show’s” after party and was the site of a special digital interactive installation entitled “”. Much more than your standard photo booth, this innovative experience allowed guests to enter an all digital space that instantly transformed full body scans into abstract 3D renderings displayed on screens inside and outside of the booth.

For this project, the SenovvA team collaborated with MPC Digital to design, build and execute this unique interactive photo booth. was constructed as a 12′ x 16′ room with four Microsoft Kinect Sensors focused at the center of the space. During the party, guests were enticed to pose for the sensors. While posing, MPC Digital instantly captured full image and depth data that was stitched into a 3D mesh. The mesh was then used to generate 3D visualizations of the guests’ forms.

SenovvA is pleased to have been selected by MPC Digital as its technical, production and AV partner as it launches new services in the area of multi-sensory installations.

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SenovvA Team Involved:                                Booth Drawing
Tristan Valencia, Sr. Producer
Robert Ingram, Project Manager
Sean Tarantino, Design, Build & Account