Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party 2014

Senior Producer Marcus Irwin, led SenovvA’s production team in partnership with Virginia Fout of V Productions for the 22nd Annual Elton John Aids Foundation Oscar Viewing Party. SenovvA handled production design, technical services and overall event management. This year’s event raised over $5.1 million for AIDS/HIV prevention, education and research. Sir Elton John treated his guests to a five course dinner prepared by celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey, followed by a stellar live performance by U.K. musical artist, Ed Sheeran. EJAF event photos

Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party 2014A complex of interconnecting tents, covering 45,000 sq. ft., transformed the West Hollywood Park (on San Vicente Blvd) into an “A-list” black-tie gala, for nearly 1,000 dinner guests. The EJAF Oscar Viewing Party is the largest outdoor event in Los Angeles on Oscars night. The event space included a 120 ft. red carpet entrance for guests, two massive bars, separate discotheque, and main room for the seated dinner and live performance stage.

The main tent for dinner guests displayed the Oscars live broadcast via multiple large projection screens. Custom LED scenic elements, lighting design that included sponsor branding, and plenty of flash for the celebrity guests. Fashioned to compliment both the televised broadcast and the entertainment portions of the evening, SenovvA provided a fully complemented audio package that delivered finesse and power as needed.

This year, much like the previous 13 years, SenovvA successfully managed multiple vendors and production challenges. “Our approach is always the same,” said Marcus Irwin, “design an event that serves our client… manage the resources to achieve the design and deliver the design to the event space.” This is due in part to our experienced staff and exceptional relationships with our vendors Goodman Audio and Icarus Rigging.

Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party 2014Inside, the technical production elements were designed to compliment the room décor, which consisted of all black fabric on the walls, ceiling, table and chairs. Robe Robin 100 LED fixtures, were secured on towers and also positioned onstage with JARAG “L” incandescent strips of LED blocks in-between. The blocks that made up the Revolution HD Blades were dressed with a twin wall poly-carbonate sheet, creating a unique refraction effect. Breakup gobos illuminated by ellipsodials were used to soften the lack of reflectivity of the black fabric surrounding the room. The stage wash was handled by VL 3500 fixtures, used for their ability to be shuttered.

Corporate sponsors for this year’s event included Chopard, Neuro Drinks and Wells Fargo, along with co-sponsorship from American Airlines, Audi, MAC Viva Glam and Windows. Logo branding at the event was accomplished using custom glass dichroic filters in four VL 3000 fixtures.

Dinner guests were never far from the Oscar’s live broadcast with multiple screens positioned throughout the main room and adjoining bars. Four Panasonic M12 21K projectors displayed the show on 13.6′ x 24′ screens with two 6’ x 11’ masked screens. High above the guests, two SenovvA designed “custom pods” featuring three 55” monitors, were suspended from the ceiling with the help of gyro stabilization technology.

Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party 2014Four HD cameras followed all the action on stage, and in the house, during the live auction featuring a special appearance by Neil Patrick Harris. The evening was capped off with a broadcast quality video feed of Ed Sheeran’s live performance which included a duet with Sir Elton John himself.

“The 2014 Elton John Oscar Viewing Party is another example of how SenovvA exceeds client expectations, with effective production design and technical execution,” said Marcus Irwin, “Each year, we are in constant communication with V Productions and EJAF staff in preparation for the event, recalibrating and fine tuning each and every detail happens in real-time, right up until showtime.”

Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party 2014


Elton John AIDS Foundation
“We are very proud to say that SenovvA is part of the effort that has helped the Elton John AIDS Foundation successfully raise more than $300 million since its inception.” said K Lee Harvey, Founder & CEO of SenovvA. To learn more about the work that EJAF has done in the past 20+ years and where the proceeds of this fundraiser are used to make lives better, visit EJAF.org.