Desigual Retail Store Installation

Desigual (Spanish): It’s not the same.

SenovvA definitely fits that statement. We are unlike any other production company in the industry.

It should come as no surprise that Desigual has chosen to partner with SenovvA not only for all its live event production needs, but for the retail installations in all of its US retail locations. SenovvA has been hired to provide installation services for all audio and video elements in each retail store in the US. This includes multi-speaker audio systems and the requisite hardware for audio playback and distribution, as well as a 6mm LED wall in every location. Keep an eye out for a store near you!

In this video clip, you’ll see SenovvA’s production of the Desigual Booth @ Spring Coterie in NY. The show took place at the Javits Center. SenovvA provided lighting, audio and a 8’H x 20′ W WinVision 1875 LED wall. SenovvA is also lined up to do Magic Fall 2010 and Coterie Fall 2010 with Desigual. Additionally we’ll be producing their first large scale runway show before years end…