Catch Me If You Can (The 5th Avenue Theatre)

SenovvA partnered with Tony Award nominated designer and architect David Rockwell to bring new LED technology to the world premiere of the new musical Catch Me if You Can at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre.The two entities first collaborated on designs for the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

When designing the scenic elements for Catch Me if You Can, Rockwell decided that high definition LED screens would most effectively realize his artistic vision. SenovvA worked with Rockwell and projections designer Bob Bonniol to create new technology of a size and scope that had never before been seen in a Broadway musical. Several different products, some of which are still in the manufacturing stage, were tested in order to bring the same high definition quality seen at the Oscars to Catch Me if You Can. Ultimately, the solution was found with Barco i6XP 6 mm LED panels and i10 10 mm LED panels. SenovvA provided 435 panels of the i6XP and 416 panels of the i10.