Architectural Projection – San Jose Biennial

SenovvA provided projection support for the Rockwell Group’s installation for the San Jose Biennial, entitled Plug In Play. The highly unusual piece represented the activity in an average city, where visitors could interact with a 20 story projection surface by playing hopscotch, shouting into a megaphone, sitting on a bench, or plugging into an active USB port. The piece also included online interactivity, with input from various web sources like Twitter, Flickr and Rockwell’s installation at the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum. Even the changing street light at the intersection and birds at a feeder caused the colorful launching of projected cubes that would scatter across the surface of the tower, gradually climbing to and over the top on a never ending conveyor belt. SenovvA provided eight 20,000 lumen projectors and technical support to seamlessly fill the 220′ tall vertical canvas.

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