Testimonial: RealD


The media coverage of the opening of the Perot Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas is outstanding. They’re claiming this museum will be one of the most successful recent museum projects and it’s receiving enormous accolades from professionals and celebrities alike. You are there now, running the 3D theater on the opening night so I hope you find this note after the event.

We all worked hard to win the deal and you and Riche have worked tirelessly to manage the buildout of the whole theater and be sure it performs at the level expected, especially for the opening tonight.

I realize you flew straight there from Orlando. I can’t thank you enough for supporting RealD at IAAPA and being willing to work so hard towards these successes.

Truly, partners like you & SenovvA are hard to find, so I’d like to say thanks on behalf of myself and RealD for making us look great and doing the work that is key to these non-chain venues.

I know you and Meg have plans to spend some time together but please take a minute to know that I appreciated working with you the last couple years and look forward to finishing our outstanding projects together.

Look forward to retaining our friendship as I move into this new position fully, and remember that I’m at your service if ever there is anything that you need.


Kevin Faul
VP Product Management