Service Contracts, Facility Management & Staffing

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The SenovvA Care team is committed to fulfill its agreement to provide maintenance and ensure reliability of each customer system designed and integrated by the SenovvA Systems team.  All of the SenovvA Care offerings can cover any SenovvA system challenge.  A SenovvA system challenge is defined as a challenge with the system as designed and delivered by the SenovvA Systems team.

We certainly understand the value engineering premise of skipping service contracts. But we assert they are key to maintain value of systems over time. Unplanned service calls can get very expensive, and very frustrating. Often they are as simple as being a “good owner” properly trained in handling their media systems going forward.  Especially in the case of custom designed installations; conventional warranties and periodic preventative maintenance are not enough.

Often a client does not have someone to update digital content or provide maintenance services within their organization. Many times turnover means new caretakers know nothing of a custom system, and have no one to train them what to do.  This ends in a perceived bad investment in the system, and in the staff to run it.

That’s why we will always ask, and sometimes even strongly suggest the inclusion of an appropriate CSA or service plan, as well as a turnkey training program as a vital part of the system.  In some cases, we will actually train and provide employee support to remain at facility until the owner has sufficiently taken over the upkeep of a system. We even recruit and train temporary labor that can be renewed on contract, or assimilated into the client’s staff at a later date.

SenovvA’s Own . . Your own dedicated on-site team member…

With a SenovvA staff member assigned and dedicated to your system, you will receive the highest level of service from a professional who knows the SenovvA system designed for The Hilton Innovation Gallery.  This level of service will maximize the return on investment both technologically and creatively.  In addition, customers have leveraged the accounting benefits of this offering by keeping support expenditures on operational budgets and thus avoiding the overhead of staffing.  SenovvA’s Own puts an agile embedded SenovvA Care system expert onsite diligently working to keep downtime to an absolute minimum so your team can focus on keeping The Hilton Innovation Gallery a beacon for exciting developments within the hospitality industry

Automation & Remote Servicing

SenovvA’s Remote Care is offered as a tool for the SenovvA Care team to help diagnose and correct challenges with the current system as designed and delivered.  Any desired design changes or additions are outside of the scope of this offering, and can be addressed by the SenovvA Systems team separately.

Our system’s design philosophy always takes into account the most flexible and expandable automation and remote servicing technologies and abilities. We consider this to be the value added part of value engineering; it isn’t just a nice feature, it’s meant to cut down on support and maintenance costs, while decreasing response time and downtime.