The Passion

The Passion

SenovvA teamed with Dick Clark Productions for the two-hour musical event THE PASSION, a contemporary retelling of Jesus Christ’s final hours on earth. The broadcast aired LIVE on FOX from New Orleans on March 20, 2016. Hosted and narrated by actor, writer, producer, director and New Orleans native Tyler Perry. The ambitious high-risk live production took place, rain or shine, throughout some of New Orleans most iconic locations.

A space station-like stage was constructed inThe Passion Woldenberg Park on the banks of the Mississippi River where Perry narrated the program. SenovvA utilized over 300 tiles of Revolution RS5 for the stage’s three huge screen columns; the center screen at 17.9’ W x 43.4’ H and two side screens at 5.11’ W x 41.4’ H. The story unfolded live, featuring a procession of hundred’s carrying a 20-foot illuminated cross from Champion Square, outside the Superdome, to the live stage at Woldenberg Park. The procession, along with several pre-recorded performances and a play-by-play from the narrator, were spectacularly delivered to a hometown crowd in the park, together with a televised audience via SenovvA’s LED screens. View 360 BTS of the live stage at Woldenberg Park

Dave Taylor, Joe Sebenius and Bill Starnes led the SenovvA team for the massive three-screen LED installation on the live stage. The team relentlessly endured gusty winds, thunderstorms and pouring rains The Passionduring the multi-day installation, yet persevered through all obstacles Mother Nature threw at them. “Weather was a big factor and concern for us,” said Dave Taylor, “It was constantly in flux each day, affecting most of the rehearsals and right up to the show. Most mornings were spent dealing with weather related issues from the night before.”

“When Dick Clark Productions and Kathy Erikson first approached us about this project, we began to identify the many challenges with a live broadcast, inclement weather possibilities, and a large community infrastructure. Dave and the team confidently implemented all the pre-production and planning, and as a result, it was another Dick Clark Productions/SenovvA success!” – Frank McMinn, President, SenovvA.

SenovvA continues to prove that it is one of the top design and management firms in the industry, consistently supporting its clientele and partners in delivering extraordinary marquee experiences.


Testimonial: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Testimonial: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


Thank you for all of your help this season! It was wonderful working with you and your team. You are all such pros!! I am looking forward to our next show together!!


Lauren Selman
Publicity Logistics Manager
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


The Oscars® Broadcast 2016

The Oscars® Broadcast 2016

The 88th Annual Academy Awards, now officially referred to as “The Oscars”, featured the expertise and technology of SenovvA, yet again. This year’s show was hosted by Chris Rock and broadcast live from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, on February 28, 2016 on ABC. SenovvA’s highly skilled team included Frank McMinnDave Taylor, Eric Leverton, Joe Sebenius, Jim Agnor, Bill Starnes, Luke Frey and Scott Goegebuer. SenovvA Executive Producer, Dave Taylor celebrated 27 years as lead projectionist on the show, along with SenovvA President, Frank McMinn in his 23rd year.

Projection systems integrated into the Oscars broadcast included five 40K Barcos, five 30K Barcos, three 22K Barcos and two 20K Christie projectors. A highlight of this years show featured a stunning circular screen displayed during Sam Smith’s performance ofThe Oscars Broadcast 2016 “Writing’s On The Wall”, which went on to win Best Original Song. That content, and more, were distributed to the displays via Green Hippo’s Hippotizer V4 Taiga Media Servers. Dave Taylor reported, “With the team and the system we had in place, we were able to deliver a quality product exactly as the client envisioned it.”

The LED systems included 825 tiles of Black OnyX 3.47mm LED along with 595 panels of WinVision 9.75mm LED for the 70’ wide x 35’ tall cyclorama screen. The high-resolution displays supported Set/Production Designer, Derek McLane’s vision of infinite depth. “We have altogether 12 big LED screens, with one large screen and then more slender screens The Oscars Broadcast 2016placed around,” McLane said. Projection was utilized to highlight the Swarovski Crystals incorporated throughout the set. The crystal stage décor took over 1,600 man-hours to create, which included 200,000 Swarovski Crystals and 35 design elements.

Prior to load-in at the Dolby Theatre, SenovvA had the opportunity to collaborate with Supervising Producer, Michael Seligman, Bob Dickinson and Bob Barnhart of Full Flood, Inc. and Nigel Sadler from Green Hippo, with creative guidance under the watchful eyes of Art Directors, Matt Steinbrenner and Gloria Lamb.

“The Oscars are always a source of pride for us, but the real satisfaction comes from working with the best in the business.“ said SenovvA CEO, K Lee Harvey

Watch Highlights from the 2016 Oscars

Photos © 2016 Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

The Oscars Broadcast 2016


Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster Press Event

Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster Press Event

In February 2016, SenovvA partnered with Oliver Schrott Kommunikation GmbH, to transform the parking garage at Pelican Hill Resort into a unique user experience for the new 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster International Press Event. This unconventional space transformation, designed by OSK architect Fabian Roeder, took four days to install and was built by Chicago-based exhibit company, 3D Exhibits. SenovvA worked together with the builders to integrate audio, video, projection and lighting seamlessly within the newly designed space. Watch Video

Mercedes-Benz celebrates 2016 as the year of the dream cars, with the latest generation of the brand icon, the SL. Over 175 journalists from around the world were flown to Southern California for this event to Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster Press Eventexperience the new SL. Each morning journalists were directed to the parking garage in front of the resort. To their surprise, this was no ordinary parking garage; on the contrary it was an actual drive-in cinema for a drive-out media briefing, complete with twelve projection screens & sound system for each SL. Giving each journalist his/her own personalized drive-in movie theater experience!

“Our team embraced the challenge of transforming this non-traditional space into a drive-in movie theater experience,” said SenovvA Producer, Vince Pecchi, “We thrive to collaborate on projects with concepts that think outside of the box like this.”

Once inside the parking garage, a short program briefing was presented to the group of journalists. Then unexpectedly, twelve Mercedes-Benz SL Roadsters were revealed from behind a translucent traveler curtain. Each of the journalists took a seat behind the wheel of one of the twelve convertible SL’s. Shortly thereafter, twelve Da-Lite 6.5’ x 11.5’ electric Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster Press Eventprojection screens dropped down (in sync) in front of the “drivers” to display briefing videos of the new SL features and the days drive route. SenovvA, and partner Icarus Rigging, worked diligently to install the sixteen rig points in the garage ceiling in order to support the eight 15’ sticks of truss that held the twelve screens, lighting, and sound elements. In addition, twelve inverted U-shaped pipe structures were built behind the set walls to support twelve Panasonic 10K projectors and LED lighting. At the conclusions of the video briefing, the twelve electric screens automatically retracted back-up, lighting was restored, and the journalists were directed out of the garage to begin their test-drive, with their final destination being the Hotel del Coronado.

Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster Press EventThe Bungalow Lawn at Pelican Hill Resort served as the “welcome speech” location for the journalists’. Two Mercedes-Benz SL Roadsters were showcased on a muti-level platform built by 3D Exhibits and illuminated by SenovvA. Custom light fixture housings were fabricated to protect the LED Ellipsoidal’s from the moisture elements along the California coast.

SenovvA collaborated with PowerTrip Rentals to provide power and distribution to the technical workshop tent (114’ x 65’), constructed in the back parking lot of the Hotel del Coronado. The workshop required both 50Hz and 60Hz generators to energize the four European car lifts, the German technicians tools, as well as high-bay LED lighting fixtures that illuminated the interior tent. The workshop space was utilized for servicing and detailing the fleet of SL Roadsters for the event.

SenovvA broke the mold once again, delivering a flawless event experience to its clientele, providing translated technology, expertise and unwavering collaboration.


Testimonial: Grease Live!

Testimonial: Grease Live!

To My Grease Team,

Grease LIVE was one of the most satisfying shows of my 40 year career. Each one of you is responsible for changing the face of live musical television and you should be very proud of yourselves. I honestly think this was the very best crew assembled in television and the most outstandingly talented cast I have ever worked with.

I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you in the very near future… hopefully on the next groundbreaking project!

Until then, please take a bow! And thank you all for giving me the chance to work on a “show of a lifetime!”

Congratulations to you all!


Greg Sills
Producer of Grease Live!


Samsung 2016 CES Press Conference

Samsung 2016 CES Press Conference

SenovvA at CES 2016, “Everything and Everyone, Short of the Kitchen Sink”

The Samsung Press Conference

Las Vegas, NV January 2, 2016

SenovvA managed Samsung’s highly anticipated 2016 CES Press Conference at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. The 45 minute, no holds barred product introductions were seen by 1200 members of the press in person and streamed live around the world on January 5, 2016. The event included sound, lighting, graphics, and scenic design coordinated and delivered by SenovvA to showcase the latest innovations from the technology giant. Watch Press Conference

“CES has become a much larger, and much more fast paced production environment, where product launches, media content, and project planning are often done in near real time based on what products are ready, what assets can be leveraged, and how a consumer tech giant like Samsung manages its own distinct entities and products. Samsung is so influential, and takes such a leading role across so many consumer technology sectors, it’s like supporting dozens of separate entities in one 45 minute whirlwind trade show presentation. Priorities and players shift and emerge seemingly daily. It isn’t just about getting the production up and running, but accommodating major changes of direction on the fly.” – Arianna Knapp

Samsung 2016 CES Press ConferenceExecutive Producers, Arianna Knapp and Marcus Irwin worked meticulously with an international team of client representatives in the weeks leading up to CES, to ensure the best possible showcase of Samsung’s Internet of Things platform called SmartThings technology. SenovvA compiled a select team of highly skilled industry experts to bring the expansive, and ever evolving vision for this press conference to fruition. The team included Atomic, J3 Consulting, Delicate Productions, and Gray Matter Visual.

“Some of the most technical challenging and logistic opportunities come when a client like Samsung wants to rightly feature some of their own allied technologies inside the traditional production environment. Case in point; The large-scale LED wall seen on stage was an adaptation of a “just entering production” LED architectural signage product built by one of Samsung’s recent acquisitions in the commercial signage arena. Assisting and coordinating the technology and the staff who don’t normally function in the live production arena, new to the Samsung family, with a first run product, literally just off the production line, brings up a host of production management, safety, and logistics challenges requiring the partnership we provide. To some, what appears as an insertion of competitive technology and expertise is just another opportunity to collaborate and expand all parties experience and reach.” – Marcus Irwin

SenovvA continues to confirm that it’s one of the top design and management firms in the industry. One that consistently supports its clientele and partners in delivering marquee experiences by fostering and engaging true multi-agency, collaborative workflows in what can appear to be a chaotic and manic process.

Samsung 2016 CES Press Conference“This year, aside from the signature Samsung personal tech, and display technology, the Family Hub Refrigerator with its full HD LCD touchscreen on the exterior door and cameras inside was a highlight of the press conference. It may not quite be the “show that has everything but the kitchen sink”… but who knows what we will see next year!” – Arianna Knapp


Testimonial: Grease Live!

Testimonial: Grease Live!

Dear Cast & Crew,

Making Grease Live! has been a wonderful, exhilarating ride. I knew a year ago that having such an iconic story would provide the opportunity to make a telecast that was energetic and fun but Sunday’s broadcast beat all my expectations in what we could achieve.

The stellar performances of our entire cast matched with the creativity and professionalism of our technicians, craftsmen and women and production staff simply blew me away.

Every single one of you should be so proud of what you achieved. It was an honor for me to be part of such a groundbreaking, genre defining show.

Thank you all for making my job enjoyable, I’m so happy that the viewers embraced what we did and loved the journey too.

Get some rest and enjoy your achievement.

You all rock!


Alex Rudzinski


Grease Live!

Grease Live!

SenovvA’s Frank McMinn & Dave Taylor provided projection on various scenes for the one-night production of “Grease: Live!” on January 31, 2016 on Fox. This live musical stars Julianne Hough as good girl “Sandy” and Aaron Tveit as bad boy “Danny”. The production will be based on the original 1971 musical “Grease” by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. “Grease: Live!” will also be streaming on demand on starting Monday, February 1, 2016.

Watch Behind The Scenes


Kennedy Center Honors 2015

Kennedy Center Honors 2015

Dave Taylor, Eric Leverton and Ian Strimple led the SenovvA team providing LED and projection for the 38th Annual Kennedy Center Honors, broadcast on December 29, 2015 on CBS. Stephen Colbert of CBS’s “The Late Show” returned as this years host. Recipients honored at the annual national celebration of the arts were: singer-songwriter Carole King, filmmaker George Lucas, actress and singer Rita Moreno, conductor Seiji Ozawa, and actress and Broadway star Cicely Tyson.

Watch Show


Ellen’s Season 13 Premiere Week

Ellen’s Season 13 Premiere Week

The Ellen Degenres Show returned to New York for the first time since 2007, kicking off Ellen’s 13th season for the fall premiere week. The show took place from the famed landmark Plaza at Rockefeller Center in New York City on September 8, 2015.

SenovvA’s team of experts provided two 30’x16’ 5mm high-resolution LED screens, flanking stage right and stage left of the set. A networked control system was created for the LED screens and their processing, which included fully redundant back-up processing. Multiple 80” monitors further provided the program feed to accommodate the large crowd.

SenovvA Project Managers Joe Sebenius and Ian Strimple worked alongside the team from Production Glue, managing the installation and ensuring the LED screens met the expected broadcast standards that SenovvA delivers. The rehearsals and live-to-tape broadcast was punctuated Ellen's Season 13 Premiere Weekby a performance from Grammy Award winning artist, P!NK. Guests included presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and “Tonight Show” star Jimmy Fallon.

Working with Ellen and her team was a pleasure. Coordinating with local stagehands, broadcast personnel, Rockefeller Center staff and the Secret Service, made it that much more imperative to be fully prepared.” – Ian Strimple

SenovvA has partnered with Telepictures multiple times over the past seven years to support Ellen in Los Angeles. This was our first engagement in New York City for the show, resulting in another successful broadcast installation.