Application Development & Experiential Platforms

SenovvA Partners with Mustard Square for Location Based services and Custom Code Authoring. These include precision location and asset management services, way-finding systems, and custom application development for experiential design. Besides the custom application design, Mustard Square also offers configurable digital asset management and location platforms like;



Environmental Asset Management System (EAMS), and the Digital Management System (DMS) are revolutionary tools that streamline the management of physical elements in any environment. Elements can range from signage to Wi-Fi hardware – anything that exists in a site, both temporary and permanent. The three work in conjunction with each other: users document an existing site with Surveyor implement project planning, budgeting, fabrication, installation, and maintenance within EAMS; then showcase your custom content on digital displays throughout your facility.



Surveyor is an iOS app used in the field to easily and efficiently conduct site surveys. It eliminates all of the cross-referencing between photos, notes, and floor plans by connecting photos, data, and location information.

  • Photos and data are automatically uploaded into EAMS and matched with their location and renamed to reflect their location within a project – no more IMG1234s to sort through and rename
  • Documenting individual signs (instead of general-area photos) creates a skeleton message schedule, decreasing project turn-around time and errors that often occur when synthesizing the data post-survey
  • Users can immediately export photo books. Information about sign types, messaging, and notes can be added and edited during all design phases
  • Costs are significantly reduced because teams of surveyors are no longer required – a single surveyor can now do the work more efficiently with fewer errors

Digital Management System (DMS)

DMS combines a robust platform tailored specifically for you with easy to use customization to meet your ongoing digital signage needs. Weather you need it for a single screen or across a nationwide network DMS has the tools to manage all your needs. Our system offers:

  • Templates and Custom Solution options to get you started fast
  • Cloud and local drive storage to keep you up and running even with internet outages
  • Simple updating and scheduling of new content
  • Works with a huge variety of technologies from interactive kiosks to tablets
  • Technical Training and Support
  • Unlimited Users and Storage